Brett Eldredge's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Brett Eldredge
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for CMT

Brett Eldredge performs at Bridgestone Arena on June 2, 2014 in Nashville, Tenn.

With five Country Airplay No. 1s, Brett Eldredge clearly knows how to craft a hit. Although his most recent single, "Somethin I'm Good At," hasn't topped the chart, the self-titled album that houses that catchy tune debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 -- Eldredge's highest point on the all-genre-encompassing chart yet.

Brett Eldredge marks the singer's third full-length album, which he told Billboard he self-titled because it's his most honest collection of songs yet. Eldredge's latest release adds 12 more songs (including "Somethin I'm Good At") to Eldredge's diverse catalog of swoon-worthy ballads and feel-good jams, further showcasing his hit-making abilities. 

As Eldredge celebrates his album's career-high feat, Billboard wanted to recognize the 10 best Brett Eldredge songs to date. Take look at our picks below. 

Brett Eldredge - "Don't Ya"

If there is one way to kick off a streak of No. 1 hits, it’s definitely with a track that shows the world that you’re capable of getting a song stuck in people’s heads. That’s exactly what “Don’t Ya” did (Eldredge had three more Country Airplay No. 1s in a row after hitting the top with this one) with a bass-thumping, toe-tapping hook and undulating verses that are as impressive vocally as they are fun to sing along with.

Brett Eldredge - "Beat Of The Music"

As the follow-up to his catchy-as-hell breakthrough single, it was going to be tough for Eldredge to top himself. But while he displayed his flirty side with “Don’t Ya,” “Beat Of The Music” allowed fans to see a more romantic side while detailing a sweet vacation fling that’ll make any listener envy whoever this song is about -- or maybe even book a flight in hopes of living out the lyrics themselves.

Brett Eldredge - "Mean To Me"

After showing a little romanticism with his lighthearted tale in “Beat Of The Music,” Eldredge took things to a whole new level of swoon-worthy with “Mean To Me.” The combination of his smooth vocals and the detailed, almost vow-esque lyrics makes it hard to not fall in love with Eldredge upon first listen. 

Brett Eldredge - "Time Well Spent"

Brett sure has a way of making you wish you were on vacation. For this beach-friendly track, he specifically calls out the Bahamas island Staniel Cay and instead of focusing more on a love story he gives an ode to those fun drunken nights. But instead of sounding like an alcoholic, he creatively delivers the message that sometimes it’s okay to waste time with a good buzz: “Wasted time is time well spent."

Brett Eldredge - "Illinois"

Even though he views his most recent album as his most honest, this Brett Eldredge song is just about as autobiographical as they come. As a Paris, Illinois, native, Eldredge gives a look into his story of how he went from a small-town upbringing to having his name lit up on a marquee. And because of how personal this song is, you can simply hear the heart in the way he sings it, which makes it that much more lovable.

Brett Eldredge - "You Can’t Stop Me" (featuring Thomas Rhett)

The only collaboration Eldredge has done so far (other than his Christmas collab with Meghan Trainor on the must-be-a-duet “Baby It’s Cold Outside”) turned out to be one of his most danceable tracks to date. Eldredge and Thomas Rhett have proved to be masters of crafting a country smash, so of course when they join forces to create a party-starter like this it’s a certified jam -- it’s actually quite surprising that this one never even made its way to radio.

Brett Eldredge - "Wanna Be That Song"

How do you top a ridiculously romantic track like “Mean To Me”? Putting a little more gusto into the next love song. That’s not to say Eldredge wasn’t heartfelt in his first No. 1 ballad, but his impassioned singing throughout the entirety of “Wanna Be That Song” makes you feel his sweetly metaphoric lyrics even more than if he sang it in the same tone as his previous hit croon.

Brett Eldredge - "The Long Way"

Eldredge flexed his falsetto here and there on his first two albums, but this love song from his latest record proves that he has quite the range -- while also giving further proof that he’s a king at writing lyrics that make you melt. While there is a line that indicates he wants to get to know a girl better, the song dives so deep into specifics (“I'd love to see just where your daddy met your momma/ Your hand-me-down '99 Impala”) that you can feel how much he really cares for her and, once again, makes you wish he was singing to you. 

Brett Eldredge - "The Reason"

When Eldredge released his Christmas album last fall, he cited Frank Sinatra as a big influence on him as an artist. This is super apparent in his holiday stylings, but the piano-laced “The Reason” is perhaps the most indicative of that Sinatra influence -- and it resulted in one of the best Brett Eldredge songs to date. In addition to his beautiful vocals on the track, the somewhat old-timey feel of the entire song introduces a sound not often heard in country music, making it even more impressive. 

Brett Eldredge - "Castaway"

With all of the vulnerable lyrics in Eldredge’s self-titled album, it’s hard to not shed a tear at some point while listening to it. But if you happen to make it through the first 11 songs without needing a tissue, you better grab the Kleenex before starting the final track. This may be Eldredge's most stripped-down song in his catalog so far, which makes you feel the emotional, heartstring-tugging lyrics about going through love and heartbreak on a deeper level -- and subsequently confirms the fact that Eldredge is one affecting artist.