The Beach Boys' Mike Love Remembers Glen Campbell: 'I've Never Met a More Talented Person'

Campbell toured with The Beach Boys as a replacement for Brian Wilson briefly in 1964.

The Beach Boys' Mike Love paid tribute to his friend and former collaborator Glen Campbell, following the country music icon's death on Tuesday at the age of 81, fondly remembering his personality and talent.

As Love explains in his Facebook post, Campbell toured with The Beach Boys in 1964 as a replacement for Brian Wilson. It was an exciting time, as Love remembers, "with screaming girls and good looking Glen bore the brunt of it losing a watch and getting his shirt ripped by more than enthusiastic fans."

Love continued to sing praises of Campbell's immense skill and the good times they shared over the few months on tour before Campbell went on to pursue his own career. He also posted several photos from the tour and the two of together in the years that followed. 

"I've never met a more talented person in all the years we have been in the music business and never had a better time on tour than the time spent with Glen," Love wrote. "His sense of humor was incredible and we never laughed so much as when he was with us."

In the later years, Love continues to write, it was always fun seeing Campbell, and he will be remembered as one of the country's greatest musicians. 

"No matter when or where we were Glen, or the oldest living teenager as he referred to himself, was always witty, down to earth and just a whole lotta fun to be with," he wrote. " We lost a friend this morning, and the world lost an enormously talented person in Glen Campbell. We are blessed to have known him and the world is blessed to have his musical legacy that will forever be part of America's best music.

Read the full post here and see Love's photos below.