Rising Nashville Singer Mickey Guyton Talks Her Wedding & the Ex That Inspires Her Songs

Maarten de Boer/Getty Images Portrait
Mickey Guyton from PBS's 'American Masters: Patsy Cline' poses in the Getty Images Portrait Studio at the 2017 Winter Television Critics Association press tour at the Langham Hotel on Jan. 15, 2017 in Pasadena, Calif.

If you were to take a poll of industry insiders around Nashville, one of the most admired rising female vocalists in Music City these days would be Capitol Nashville’s Mickey Guyton. The Texas native's biggest hit so far is 2015’s “Better Than You Left Me,” which hit No. 34 on the Country Airplay chart. Ask anyone in town familiar with her talent, and they will tell you that her range as a vocalist is limitless. Naturally, she's grateful for those compliments.

“As artists, we get it in our heads, and we are working so hard, that we really don’t get to hear the appreciation,” she tells Billboard. “So to hear all the sweet things and to hear that people appreciate my songs, it warms my heart.” Guyton counts herself very fortunate to be enjoying the Nashville experience, saying the creative community is like none other.

“Nashville has been everything that I thought it would be – and more. There is such a family system out here among the writers and the artists. That’s something that I could have never dreamed of happening in the music industry because it’s such a competitive world. It’s like my second family,” she says, adding that Vince Gill, Charlie Worsham, and Brad Paisley have all been very supportive of her career.

In fact, Guyton shared the bill with Paisley while opening for the singer on his Crushin’ It tour in 2015. She jokes that she has one special distinction that makes her a rarity among his opening acts.

“He never did a practical joke on me,” she said with a laugh, in reference to Paisley’s well-earned reputation as a prankster. “I was waiting for it, but he never did. Maybe he thought I was going to be a sensitive girl, but he was so sweet to me. As it turned out, I pranked him. A whole bunch of the guys in Justin Moore’s band and I – we dressed the guys in tutus, and when Justin was on stage singing with Brad, we rushed the stage. He didn’t retaliate,” she added. “I was waiting for it, but it never happened.”

Some of the songs in Guyton’s catalog -- such as “Better Than You Left Me” and her new release “Nice Things” -- have a common source. “They are both inspired by the same guy. Any heartbreak song that I have is about this one human being. Now I’m over it, but when I was writing all of these songs, it sucked because I was constantly having to go back to that place where he broke my heart. It was annoying to me, but now I embrace it as my musical muse when I write a song about heartbreak.”

Guyton returns to that well with her new song, “Nice Things,” which is available now at digital retailers. “Again, this one is about my ex-boyfriend,” she confesses. “You know the phrase ‘My mama always says you can’t have nice things'? That’s a phrase that I have heard so many people say. In the song, I’m the nice thing, and my ex couldn’t keep nice things. It really shows the reason why I fell in love with country music, and that was Dolly. I think this one shows the softer side of my voice, and it’s one of my favorite songs. I wrote it with Liz Rose and Stephanie Chapman. We were also inspired by Emmylou Harris on the song, who is one of my favorites. We just wanted to give the fans a new song. I got such a great response when I sang this at the Ryman and opened up for Loretta Lynn. We just wanted to put it out, so I’m focused on getting the song out there and letting people hear that side of me.”

Does the subject of her songs know that he has served as the inspiration for much of her material? “If he does any social media stalking,” she says wryly.

While the songstress might revisit those emotions, she has most assuredly moved on in her personal life. In June, the singer married longtime boyfriend Grant Savoy. She says the wedding was exactly how she envisioned it would be.

“It’s so funny, because when I was growing up, I wanted the big wedding because you see all those Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Snow White, but by the time I got to where I am now, the thought of having this big giant wedding had gone away. We had 23 guests. It was in Kauai, as Grant has Hawaiian in him, so we got to be with his family. It was everything I had ever dreamed about it.”

Another fantasy come true for the singer is the iconic stage of the Grand Ole Opry, where she is a frequent guest. Any time the show calls her, she doesn’t have to think twice. “It’s a truly amazing feeling, and one that never gets old. Every time I walk on stage, I get chills. I just think about the amazing artists that have graced that stage through the years. For me to be able to be a part of that national treasure is just an unbelievable – especially now that my grandma, who died in February of this year, she loved country music. I feel her presence with me every time I walk out there. It’s truly special to me.”