Sam Hunt's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

 Sam Hunt
John Shearer/BBMA2017/Getty Images for dcp

 Sam Hunt performs during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards at T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas.

Sam Hunt has seen some serious success with his smash single "Body Like A Back Road," holding the top spot of several country charts since its release in February. But Hunt's latest feat is the biggest one yet: The song has officially sat atop the Hot Country Songs chart for 25 weeks, surpassing Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise" for the longest run at No. 1 on the chart. Moreover, it's on its way to potentially doing the same on the Country Digital Song Sales chart, also marking its 25th week at the top.

While "Body Like a Back Road" is clearly a certified jam, Hunt has whipped up plenty of other tunes that are worthy of major accolades, including his breakout hit "Leave The Night On" and the feisty breakup track "Ex To See." Although he only has one official studio album in his discography, 2014's (now triple platinum) Montevallo, Hunt issued an acoustic mixtape in 2013 (Between The Pines) which included songs he left off his debut LP that were either not recorded or given to other people, such as Billy Currington's "We Are Tonight."

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To commemorate Hunt's latest achievement, Billboard decided to rank our favorite Sam Hunt songs. Take a look at our ranking below.

10. Sam Hunt - "Vandalizer"

Between the airy guitar and sweet tone of Hunt's voice, there's something John Mayer-esque about this acoustic track, which in turn displays a bit of a more hopelessly romantic side than his other songs. Even if you aren't a fan of Hunt's different sound on this one, you have to give the guy credit for making the phrase "you look like a little hoodlum" sound endearing.

9. Sam Hunt - "Speakers"

Hunt doesn't even need to open to mouth to make many of his fans swoon, but when he sings "I softly kiss your neck, and slowly whisper" in such a sultry manner, he really knows how to make heart rates skyrocket. But it's not just the sensual singing or lyrics that make this Sam Hunt song stand out -- "Speakers" allows Hunt to do a little of his signature rap-singing while also showcasing some of his smoothest vocals on Montevallo altogether. And above all, that rapidly building bridge is quite the affecting moment.

8. Sam Hunt - "Come Over" 

Although Kenny Chesney was the one who ended up making this song famous in 2012, it was Hunt (along with co-writers Shane McNally and Josh Osborne) who originated the magic on this one. The combination of Hunt's impassioned singing and the repetition of the titular line elicits every conflicted sentiment the lyrics are expressing, making you feel all of the feels upon first listen -- no matter who is singing it.

7. Sam Hunt - "Ex To See"

There are plenty of songs in Hunt's repertoire that prove he's capable of expressing that he's into a girl, but this is one of the few he's issued so far that expresses heartbreak. Rather than taking the downtrodden route, though, Hunt instead goes for a pounding beat and anger-tinged lyricism that also offers a creative play on the nominal phrase. It's like the breakup step in between incessant sobs and going into full-on rage mode.

6. Sam Hunt - "Goodbye"

As his entire catalog proves, Hunt isn't one to hold back anything with his voice. The chorus of this Between The Pines acoustic track may be his most fervent, though, with notes so powerful that you can almost envision the veins popping out of his neck. It's also one of Hunt's more masterful guitar presentations, something that often gets overshadowed by those commanding vocals.

5. Sam Hunt - "House Party" 

Even the most impressive songwriters need a good party anthem every once in a while. Yet, Hunt still managed to work in creatively perfect lines for the lively track about throwing a banger -- for example, "If you wanna be a homebody/ We're gonna have a house party" and "You ain't gotta leave the house to have a good time/ I'm a bring the good time home to you." Whether you manage to rattle the roof or not, the bouncy guitar and fun lyrics make anyone want to be a homebody for at least one night.

4. Sam Hunt - "Leave The Night On" 

After Hunt's independently released single "Raised On It" didn't perform perhaps the way he would've liked, he opted for a bit of a poppier take for his debut single off Montevallo with "Leave The Night On." But rather than presenting Hunt as another bro in the country world, this song brought a suave, almost enchanting sound that was missing from the genre (at least the time). While he's since proved to have more than just a pop influence on his music, Hunt's official debut introduced him in quite a remarkable way.

3. Sam Hunt - "Break Up In A Small Town"

Similar to that of "Ex To See," Hunt took a feistier approach to a breakup tune with "Break Up In A Small Town," using bumping beats and rap to bring out the feeling. But the storytelling element of Hunt's songwriting is perhaps most prevalent with this track -- down to the details of his mailbox being 7 minutes away from hers and the white Maxima with the sticker on the back -- making the tale of running into his ex even more relatable.

2. Sam Hunt - "Body Like A Back Road" 

With sunny vibes similar to those of Uncle Kracker's "Follow Me" and undeniably catchy lyrical inflection throughout the entire song, Hunt's first official post-Montevallo single is almost impossible to not sing along to. While some could see the curve-loving phrase "body like a back road" as a not-so-favorable comment, the lightheartedness of this whistle and toe tap-inducing track makes it more charming than insulting. If you still can't find something enjoyable about it, this Sam Hunt song's cross-appeal in itself is almost remarkable (and even Hunt agrees): The song has taken over both country and mainstream airwaves, reaching top 10 status on the Radio Songs chart and topping the Country Airplay chart for three weeks. Fan or not, there's clearly something special about this one.

1. Sam Hunt - "Take Your Time"

Hunt set the bar high for himself with "Leave The Night On," but there was no sophomore slump for the country star. Although the song was released as a single after Montevallo was released, for those who didn't look beyond the initial single, this song was the first introduction to Hunt's unique combining of rap and singing, and it was received probably better than even he could've imagined. The song now has double the sales of Hunt's initial single and is his most-viewed video on YouTube (by a mile) with more than 146 million views. But the song doesn't need the stats to make a statement: Hunt's heartfelt courting amidst his skillful balance of musical stylings -- not to mention how consistently smooth his voice remains throughout the entire four minutes -- is enough to make "Take Your Time" simply timeless.