Jon Pardi Could Not Get Over the Hot Weather at Faster Horses Festival

Jon Pardi made his third appearance at Faster Horses music festival Friday night (July 21), taking the main stage alongside current tour mates Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley. Although Pardi is no stranger to the Brooklyn, Michigan fest, he's apparently still not quite accustomed to the heat that hits the Midwest in late July.

"It's so hot here," Pardi told Billboard just after his set. "Still trying to cool down... I just got off stage, do you know how much adrenaline is running through my body right now?"

But it's seemingly not just Michigan that's scorching hot this time of year -- Pardi also talked about his tour with Bentley and Swindell, mentioning that this whole summer has been a battle with the heat. "Everything's hot right now. All I can think about is how miserable it is on stage, but the fans get us through."

The combination of the weather and Pardi's just-got-off-stage rush made for quite the entertaining interview. Take a look at Billboard's exclusive chat with Pardi above.