Olivia Lane Starts a New Chapter With 'Wrong Girl' Video: Premiere

Kristin Barlowe
Olivia Lane

Olivia Lane made some inroads at country radio with her self-titled debut EP and the single “Make My Own Sunshine.” Now, a year after the release of that first project, she returns with “Wrong Girl.” She feels that the new single reflects her growth and maturity as a recording artist.

“It’s been a year since I came out with new music, and in that time, I have learned so much about myself," Lane tells Billboard. "I’ve learned about being on the road and just finding out who I am. It’s been a big learning experience for me as far as what kind of songs I wanted to do. I think that ‘Wrong Girl’ is where I’m at – pop country, dance, banjo, it’s all my influences in one song. I’m just really excited to put it out. I think this is my lane, where I want to be."

Watch the premiere of the "Wrong Girl" video -- which Lane co-directed, edited and produced -- below.

It’s a song and a lyric that Lane says she might not have pulled off as convincingly on her first release. “I definitely think that my first EP was an experimentation for me. I think that because I’ve been on the road so much – I’ve pretty much played every crevice and corner of America – I found out a lot about who I am on stage and the kind of songs that get me going and make me feel alive. I think that all of that cultivated into this new sound that I heard in my brain. I think that ‘Wrong Girl’ is that direction, and the perfect set-up for the next chapter of my career.”

She is grateful for the learning experience that has been her career thus far. “I was lucky enough to be able to co-produce my EP, so I learned a lot about what kind of sounds I like – whether it be loops or real drums, and what sounds sonically that I liked and what worked for me. I learned so much production-wise from my first project, and I got to translate that into the new music. Also, I learned so much about the messages – the songs that made me feel alive when I was on stage performing, especially ‘Lightning’ and ‘My Heartache.’ Those two really served as a springboard to the new music. Overall, I think I learned how I wanted my music to sound. I think that’s the biggest lesson that I came away with.”

Lane says that she and her camp plan on releasing quite a bit of new material over the next few months. “Our plan is to release a song every few months. We come out with ‘Wrong Girl’ this week with a video, and each song will also have a video as well as a lot of content with it. We’re just playing a singles game, and hopefully coming out with an EP by the end of the year.”