Eric Church's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Eric Church performs during the 2017 CMA Music Festival on June 9, 2017 in Nashville, Tenn.
Erika Goldring/WireImage

Eric Church performs during the 2017 CMA Music Festival on June 9, 2017 in Nashville, Tenn.

Since 2006, Eric Church has built one of the most consistent careers in the country format based upon a willingness to always take musical chances in both style and topic. His concerts have become multi-hour forays into country, blues, and rock and ooll.

As a recording artist, Church maintains that same diversity -- and has since the beginning of his career. If you need proof of this, take a listen to the captivating “Lightning” from his 2006 debut CD Sinners Like Me. Today, we put his singles in the spotlight, picking ten Eric Church songs that best show what a talented artist he has become!

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10. Eric Church - “Drink In My Hand”

His very first number one single (from 2011) remains a likely centerpiece for any country fan’s party or get-together to this day, thanks to its’ rollicking sound and devil-may-care attitude. No heavy messages here, just 3:11 of pure fun.

9. Eric Church - “Love Your Love The Most”

Church at perhaps his most plain and simple, with a lyric showcasing how much the important things -- like having that special someone in life -- matter in the grand scheme of things. An important performance in Church’s catalog, as it represents both his first top ten hit, as well as his first platinum single.

8. Eric Church - “Smoke A Little Smoke”

A performance that helped to cement his status among traditional-minded country music fans, the video for this bit of Southern funk featured NASCAR favorite Kasey Kahne, and Church tooling around town in classic cars. All in all, not a bad afternoon at the office for the North Carolina native!

7. Eric Church - “Talladega”

For some, it might be a camping trip with friends, a senior trip to the beach, or a trek to the race course, but there is always at least one memorable trip that a teenager takes that becomes a favorite rite of passage. This Eric Church song spoke to many of his fans were fans of the latter, becoming a number one hit in early 2015.

6. Eric Church - “Creepin”

Church conjured up his inner Tony Joe White in this song, which remains a crowd favorite to this day. More so than the lyrics, the tune and the production effects helped to make this one a hit at radio. When you heard it, it definitely left a strong impression.

5. Eric Church - “Two Pink Lines”

Chart-wise, it was far from his biggest -- managing only a peak of No. 19 in 2006 as Church was just getting his career off the ground. However, this record tapped into an emotion that all young couples have undoubtedly felt at one time or another -- either being grateful or scared out of their wits at the result -- or perhaps both. Still, a moment in the Eric Church file that is worth looking for.

4. Eric Church - “Like A Wrecking Ball”

During a show once, Church explained the song in three words that were simple yet to the point - “It’s about sex.” And, indeed, this single from The Outsiders made its’ mark with the female demographic -- earning him one of his most buzzed-about records in the process. And, yes, it was about sex!

3. Eric Church - “Give Me Back My Hometown”

Small Town U.S.A. has gotten away from many communities over the years, but the lyrics of this song weren’t so much about a loss of nostalgia as it was the fact that the significant other that made the town so special was gone. Jay Joyce’s production helped to give this track a weary feel that Church was able to hammer out of the ballpark, making for another number one hit.

2. Eric Church - “Record Year”

No matter what your musical preference, nothing soothes the pain of a broken heart any better than popping open a cold one -- of your choice of beverage -- and kicking back while listening to how the masters handled heartbreak. Mr. Misunderstood, the album from which this single was pulled, earned many of Church’s best reviews of all time, and at the heart of the album was this Eric Church song about love lost -- and the music that defined it.

1. Eric Church - “Springsteen”

Just like so many of Church’s songs, this one took its’ inspiration from a girlfriend, but in turning the song into a tribute to one of rock music’s greatest performers, Church exemplified a streak of genius that was rewarded with his highest ranking thus far -- No. 19 -- on the Hot 100. The bittersweet tune earned Church a pair of Grammy nominations and a hand-written note from “The Boss” on the back of a set list -- something that the singer treasures to this day.