Florida Georgia Line Admit They Practiced Backstreet Boys Dance Moves In Their Underwear: Exclusive

If there's one thing that the world is still talking about after the Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday night (April 2), it is undoubtedly the fact that Florida Georgia Line and Backstreet Boys performed "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," boy band dance and all.

Billboard had the chance to chat with Florida Georgia Line backstage following the epic moment, hearing about how it all came together. Funny enough, their dance moves were a last-minute decision.

"After rehearsal yesterday, we walked off thinking, 'We gotta learn the dance moves and we got to do it together, otherwise we're selling ourselves short," FGL's Tyler Hubbard said. "So let's go big, let's do it."

Whoever said country folks didn't like the Backstreet Boys?! They brought the house down!!! #WWOBackstage #acms

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Once they decided they were going to take part in the Backstreet Boys' dance, of course the BSB guys were on board -- in fact, Nick Carter spent a decent amount of time teaching them exactly what to do.

As their performance demonstrated, Hubbard and his bandmate Brian Kelley didn't take the collaboration lightly. Hubbard even did his own late-night practice sessions.

"I got a picture from Tyler, he's in the mirror, it's a selfie," Kelley explained, showing the pose that Hubbard was doing in the pic. "[Tyler asked], 'is this the right move?' And I said, 'Yeah brother, that's the right move right there."

"And I was in my underwear..." Hubbard admitted, shrugging. With a smile, Kelley added, "We put a lot of hard work into this thing."

Kelley and Hubbard also talked with Billboard about their soon-to-be unleashed collaboration with The Chainsmokers titled "Last Day Alive," as well as their hopes for one day collaborating with Justin Timberlake. Watch the full interview above.