Little Big Town Reveals Their Secrets In A Game of 'Stranger Strings' With Jimmy Fallon

Little Big Town play "Stranger Strings" with Jimmy Fallon
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Little Big Town play "Stranger Strings" with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 14, 2016.

After releasing seven albums across a career that spans over two decades, the members of Little Big Town might not know each other as well as they would've thought. The country band paid a visit to The Jimmy Fallon Show on Mon. (Nov. 14) and played a game of Stranger Strings with the host, where they learned about each others secrets and which member surprisingly won a modeling competition (spoiler alert: it wasn't Kimberly Schlapman).

The icebreaker-style game consists of participants sifting through a stack of cards that includes secret facts about the players and spraying the person who everyone believes the secret is about.The game began with Fallon picking up the first Stranger Strings card reading, "I won a statewide modeling competition when I was 18," prompting everyone to spray Schlapman but it was actually Jimi Westbrook who confessed that the secret was indeed about him.

The game also revealed that Karen Fairchild was the rebel of the group. The country singer drove her car down a ditched road to escape a cop who "metered" her with her mother riding shotgun.

"She's slowly turning into Dolly Parton," Fairchild said of her fellow bandmate Kimberly, who curly blonde hair was covered in silly strings after revealing the impressive fact that she could count to 10 in Korean, which came as a surprise to everyone seated at the table. Laced with her country twang, the singer backed her revelation and counted in Korean. "My husband and little girl take karate, so that's how I know," she offered.

The last surprise of the evening was Phillip Sweet's spot-on impression of the deep, soulful tenor of Michael McDonald, leading Little Big Town and Jimmy Fallon into a jazzy rendition of The Doobie Brothers' Hot 100 hit "Takin' It To The Streets."

Watch Little Big Town play a messy game of Stranger Strings below.