Tucker Beathard on 'Rock On' and Advice From His Father, Songwriter Casey Beathard

Joseph Llanes
Tucker Beathard

The Beathard blood has deep roots in country music and sports. Tucker Beathard is the son of Casey Beathard, a prominent country music songwriter; his grandfather is NFL Hall of Famer Bobby Beathard and his older brother C.J Beathard is a quarterback for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes.

Although he followed the family tradition and pursued sports, Tucker veered towards the sweeping melodies of Nashville music and ironed the musical chops he inherited from his father. After signing with Big Machine Records earlier this year, the singer-songwriter weaved his native's elements into his introductory EP Fight Like Hell, led with the earworm debut single “Rock On," earning the singer his first Billboard Hot 100 slot (it hit No. 62 on the Oct. 22 chart), cementing his spot in country music as a rising newcomer.

“Rock On," co-written by Tucker and Casey, expresses the regret of failing to put a "rock" on a former love and letting her slip away. While Beathard didn’t directly experience the all-too relatable tale, he knew the song’s message was "simple" enough and would resonate with fans.

“I wrote it when I was like 19 or whatever so I didn’t really plan on getting married or nothing like that,” he told Billboard. “I thought for sure someone had written it [or] used that idea before because it’s such a simple idea. I just wanted to take advantage of it and write it.”

The accompanying video flips the song’s message and opens with the Nashville native scrolling through Instagram where he sees a photo of his ex-beau all smiles but as the visual continues to unpack itself, it reveals that all that is glitter isn’t gold (or diamond, in this case).

Following up “Rock On," Beathard recently dropped the rousing confessional “Momma and Jesus," where the singer’s innate vocals and country twang permeate through the rock-infused arrangement as he sings about his troublesome behavior and seeks forgiveness from the track’s titular subjects. Despite his country roots, the cuts off Tucker's debut EP tap into the sounds of rock music, influenced by Blink-182, one of the singer's biggest inspirations. "The first song I played on a guitar was one of their songs, 'Adam's Song' from their Enema of State album...I'm such a big fan," he said, also mentioning that he has a tattoo of the song's title.

Both “Rock On” and “Momma and Jesus” are featured on the newly released EP Fight Like Hell, a 6-track compilation that also includes other pieces written from Tucker Beathard’s younger self and uncovers the evolution of his songwriting skills. “As an artist, you always kind of keep experimenting and evolving and figuring out who you are more,” he continued. “You learn more, you have different emotions, and you mature more. It’s cool, [Fight Like Hell] is kind of like a timeline.”

The 21-year-old blazed onto charts unescorted but his father Casey Beathard, who penned Kenny Chesney’s “The Boys of Fall," Eric Church’s “Homeboy” and a slew of country music's biggest songs, was a key driving force behind his son’s project, honing him as a songwriter. “Songwriting is not about trying to make a hit or make money, just write what feels good, say it like it is and stay passionate,” the younger Beathard said of his father’s advice. “Take pride in what you’re trying to tell.”

Stream Tucker Beathard's Fight Like Hell EP below.