John Legend Says America, Not CMA Awards, to Blame for Beyonce Backlash

Dove Shore
John Legend

"America has a problem with racism," the singer said. "That's why we have a racist candidate with 45 percent of the vote."

John Legend isn't blaming the CMAs for the backlash over Beyonce's performance with the Dixie Chicks received at the organization's award show earlier this week; he says it's America's fault. 

Speaking with TMZ, Legend said that Beyonce "killed it" and "The Dixie Chicks were wonderful" before stating that he can't blame country music for the racism that surrounds it.  

"There's a problem with racism in America, I'm not blaming country music for that," he said. "I know a lot of great country music writers and artists. I don't think it's their issue, I think it's an American issue."

Legend continued, taking a jab at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump: "America has a problem with racism, I think. That's why we have a racist candidate with 45 percent of the vote. That's America, that's a big part of America."

As for the accusations the CMAs tried to "scrub" Beyonce's performance from their website and social networks, Legend was similarly understanding. 

"They probably weren't used to getting that much hate on their site and they probably wanted to scrub it of the hate," he said. "But obviously the CMAs weren't being racist by including Beyonce, the people who were being mad about her were being racist, it's not CMA's fault."