Watch Beyonce & Dixie Chicks Combine for Show-Stopping 'Daddy Lessons' at 2016 CMA Awards

If Beyonce stops by the CMA Awards, it’s going to create a show-stopping moment — and sure enough, Queen Bey’s arrival at the top of the third hour, performing Lemonade highlight “Daddy Lessons” alongside the legendary Dixie Chicks, was just that, surreal and authoritative but grounded in human emotion.

Dressed in a flowing white gown and her neck wrapped in pearls, Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks were not introduced by any host or presenter, but arrived with a full band in tow, and intoned “Texas” four times before launching into the song. During the song’s extended breakdown, Bey and the Chicks strutted toward the front of the stage as horns blasted around them and country greats like Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks and Lady Antebellum stood up and clap along.

Unlike the moving presentation of Lemonade at the MTV Video Music Awards, the CMAs takeover from Beyonce was more playful; her grin shone bright as the Dixies served backup for the pop superstar. And when “Daddy Lessons” ended, an extended ovation was met with giddy waves to the crowd.

Watch the performance above.