Kelsey Waldon Praises Independence On 'All By Myself'

Courtesy Photo
Kelsey Waldon in the video for "All By Myself."

"Many people want to run and hide," Kelsey Waldon sings at the start of her new video. "They wanna run from what scares them deep inside." "When you want to be you, you needed somebody else," she adds pointedly. "But I can be me all by myself."

"All By Myself" is a traditional county number, with a rhythm section that evokes the '70s and plenty of sharp lead guitar work. The new clip for the track finds Waldon singing – alone, of course – in various poorly lit locales.

Kelsey Waldon Hits 'The Goldmine'

"It was very important to me to shoot parts of this video in Monkey's Eyebrow [KY]," Waldon told Rolling Stone Country. "We literally shot right on the land that I grew up on. I wanted to showcase the power and beauty that I feel from that environment, and a place that means a whole lot to me."

"The song is not meant to be a statement, lecture or sermon from me," she added, "but hopefully a statement for everyone as a whole. It is meant to be encouraging and positive, embracing the things that make you who you are and being proud of that. The power is only within ourselves."

"All By Myself" will appear on the I've Got A Way album, which is due out August 11th. Matt Bizer and Robot Fondue produced and directed the visual. Watch below.