Lera Lynn Unveils Casual 'Shape Shifter' Video

Courtesy Photo
Lera Lynn in the video for "Shapeshifter."

Lera Lynn earned a lot of attention for her role on the second season of the show True Detective. In an interview last year, the singer/songwriter laid out the string of events that led to her TV appearances. "My manager worked with T Bone [Burnett] when he was doing the Raising Sand record with Alison Krauss and Robert Plant," she remembered. "They developed a professional relationship. She just stayed in touch with him, and had been sending him my music, and he heard the title track of an EP I released last March called Lying in the Sun."

'True Detective' Shines Spotlight on Lera Lynn

This eventually led to a meeting. "He wanted to have lunch in Nashville to discuss the possibility of using that song in True Detective," Lynn recalled. "He told us a little bit about the show and asked if I’d be interested in possibly collaborating with him, or writing some for the show. Of course, I said, 'Hell yeah.'"

Though HBO viewers may have encountered Lynn for the first time in 2015, she's been releasing music for years, and she recently put out another record titled Resistor. She worked on it almost entirely with Joshua Grange, and he also shows up in Lynn's new video for "Shape Shifter." It's a casual clip -- the two musicians spend much of their time strumming guitars on the couch. Check it out below.