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Mickey Guyton Returns With 'Heartbreak Song'

Denise Truscello/Getty Images Portrait
Mickey Guyton poses for a portrait at the 51st Academy Of Country Music Awards on April 3, 2016 in Las Vegas.

Mickey Guyton debuted last year with "Better Than You Left Me," a potent ballad in a classic mold. The track appeared on her eponymous EP, which showed that the singer was as adept at guitar pop as she was with traditional tearjerkers.

Guyton released a new single Friday (June 3) that leans toward a crossover-friendly sound. “I heard you told your friends I wrote you a breakup song,” she sings. “The funny thing is, it wasn’t about you.” Then she changes course: “OK, maybe I did, so what if it was?/ That don’t make you a king.”

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In a Facebook Q&A, Guyton explained the inspiration behind the track. “It’s about my ex-boyfriend, the one that I wrote about ‘Better Than You Left Me’ about,” she said. “It’s the same guy. This song came about when I was on the road with Brad Paisley. I was in Chicago, and that’s where my ex is from, and I ended up running into a family member of his. She says to me that apparently he’s going around bragging that you wrote ‘Better Than You Left Me’ about him. So I’m thinking, oh really? Is that right? So I’m going to write another song about you, about how I actually feel about you now. I’m not bitter about him anymore. I guess you could say he’s my muse now.”

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Later she added, “I only have one song out… which is kind of a gut-wrenching triumphant song. But people don’t see the fun, sassy side of me. That’s what’s next.”

Listen below: