Jewel Secretly Dated, Fell in Love With Sean Penn in the 1990s

Jewel The View
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Jewel performs on "The View" on Sept. 15, 2015 on the ABC Television Network.  

Jewel has reveled she had a secret romance with Sean Penn, while she was rising to fame and he was on a break from his future wife Robin Wright. 

In her new memoir, Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story, Jewel details the story of how she and the two time-Oscar winner got together. 

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Following her first TV break in 1995 on Late Nite With Conan O'Brien, preceding the release of her massively successful debut album Pieces of You, Us Weekly reports the singer was home in Alaska when her father got a surprising phone call at his home. 

She writes in the book, "One day my dad came to find me, saying 'Jewel, you must be getting some kooky fans out there in the Lower 48. Some guy just prank-called and said he was Sean Penn.'"

Jewel's father hung up on the man but he called back and eventually reached her. It actually was Penn and he asked if she would write a song for the film, The Crossing Guard, which he wrote and directed. 

"I told him I would and he said he would meet me anywhere to screen the movie, I could name the day," she continues. "I gave him my cell number and figured I would never hear from him again."

Instead, they wound up carrying a low key relationship. 

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"We spoke on the phone a lot and he was a fantastic flirt and I did not mind one bit," she writes. "But I was no fool and knew I was most likely a trifle to him. I intended to give him no such conquest. I put that man through his paces and he took it in stride. He began to court me in earnest, following me around on tour, acting as my de facto roadie.... I moved very slowly with him but he was a persistent and inventive suitor, and I enjoyed it immensely."

Jewel continues, describing a trip they took to the Venice Film Festival together: "Sean would whisper in my ear and explain everyone's backstory to me. It was not my world and I was pretty sure it never would be. Sean took me to see the sights in Montmartre and wrote me in notes that he hid in my pockets." 

"I enjoyed Sean and would eventually fall in love," she wrote. 

The two broke up that same year and Penn wold get together with Robin Wright, with whom he shared two kids, marrying her the next year. Penn and Wright were eventually divorced in 2014. 

On Monday, Jewel discussed her's and Penn's relationship with Howard Stern, telling the radio host, "It was hard on me. He really believed in me at a time when nobody else did. And he really made me feel good about myself and I was so desperate for that. Having that go away was hard."

In 2008, Jewel married cowboy Ty Murray in 2008. The two were divorced in 2014 and share one son. 


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