Lauren Alaina Talks Working With ESPN, Her Love for College Football & More

Photo courtesy of UMG

Lauren Alaina

Growing up in Rossville, Ga., Lauren Alaina considers herself to be a fan of college football. The Mercury recording artist gets to put that love and passion on full display as ESPN selected the American Idol alumnus to create a track exclusively for this season's college football coverage.

Alaina and Imagine Dragons were the only two artists chosen to contribute brand new recordings for ESPN and its college football promotion for the upcoming 2015 season. To say she's excited is putting it mildly.
"I am freaking out," Alaina exclaims to Billboard. "I love college football so much. It's like a holiday at my house. There's nothing else going on around the house. I'm pumped to have the song being used to promote the season. It's going to be played for about 14 weeks, so I'm very excited about it."
The singer says that being one of the faces and voices of ESPN's coverage has made her very popular among her family. "It's definitely one of my favorite things that I've been able to do yet," she says. "My dad will never think I'm cooler for anything else. We're from Georgia and we're huge college football fans, so this is serious!"
Billboard asked Alaina what she loved about the game and just like any SEC fan, she definitely had her opinions!
On the passion of the players...

"I really love the heart that these athletes have. They are going out there and trying to make a name for themselves. It's the first step toward their career, which with me being a new artist, I identify with that. I'm trying to prove myself, so I know how they feel. I love to see their emotion on the field, to see them work so hard and try their best. They're my age. It's a different career path, but we both are trying to stand out and be the best that we can be. I love that."

On the concession stand...

"I love the food! I love me some chicken wings, finger foods like nachos, hot dogs, things that are really bad for you -- but you don't feel bad about it because you're watching football."

On the pomp and circumstance of a Saturday on the field...

"So much goes into it and I think that's amazing. People live for college football and there are so many things that make it wonderful, like the fans in the stands. The cheerleaders work so hard, the band -- they all work so hard to make that one game each week just right and that's awesome."

Two words: Crimson Tide...

"I'm an Alabama fan. That's where my dad's from. We rub a few elbows wrong with that, but my dad is hilarious. He's the biggest Crimson Tide fan in the world, and wears a Bama shirt and hat just about every day. Growing up in Georgia, that can get people feisty. But Georgia and Alabama don't play each other that often. The team we can't handle is Auburn. I had a boyfriend one time who was a Tigers fan and that didn't last very long. My boyfriend now is a Georgia fan, so we only have to go without speaking to each other every once in a while. I don't know why I don't like Auburn -- other than the fact that my dad told me not to like them. That's reason enough. He can't stand them."

The family that cheers together, stays together.

"It gave me daddy-daughter time. We bonded over college football. I have an extreme love for it because he loves it so much. He broke a fan one time when he jumped off of the couch when he was upset during a game. When you're watching a game with him, it's like you're watching two shows at once -- the game and my dad."

And... the guys!

"My new single is called 'Next Boyfriend,' so hopefully, with all the hot guys that play football, I can find my next boyfriend. I also love the tight pants!

Look and listen for "History," Alaina's ESPN track this weekend. To purchase the track, go here. "Next Boyfriend," the first single from her highly anticipated sophomore album, hits radio later this month.