Sam Hunt Reveals His Fashion Regrets, Including Dad Jeans and, Yes, a Mullet

David Needleman
Sam Hunt photographed on Aug. 12, 2015 at Industria in New York City.

Country star Sam Hunt, who covers the new Billboard issue featuring the Music's Men of Style portfolio (along with fellow sartorially minded musicians Miguel, Wiz Khalifa and Adam Lambert), shares his most regrettable fashion, most expensive style purchase and his worst haircut.

Describe your style in three words.

Very carefully careless.

Who are your style heroes?

Pharrell is one. He has that carefully careless vibe. He’ll wear boots, shorts and some random things that you wouldn’t normally put together.


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The most regrettable item you have ever worn?

Dad jeans. Looking back, they make me cringe.

What’s the most you have ever spent on an article of clothing?

When I was in college I bought a pair of ostrich-skin boots. They were handmade, about $600. I still have them. They’re on the bus.

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Worst haircut you ever had?

I had what would be considered a mullet when I played football in college.

Was it an ironic mullet?

Well, people looked at it that way.

This story originally appeared in the Aug. 29 issue of Billboard.