615 Spotlight: North 40 Have 'Lived Through It All'

North 40

North 40

Growing up in Arizona, North 40's Paige Logan has memories of listening to her favorite songs on 8-track tapes. "I remember listening to Credence Clearwater Revival, and I was a huge Boz Scaggs fan," she says, allowing that her father also played the music of country acts such as Merle Haggard, as well as Johnny Horton. She laughs when thinking about how her favorite songs would usually be the ones that were broken off into two parts on separate programs.  

"That will ruin a good time, but it just made it better for me," she says. "I anticipated it clicking over."

Her partner in the duo, Heather Looney, also has her own memories of music that shaped her, with Ray Price and Tanya Tucker being two of her early favorites.

Together, Logan and Looney have started to carve out their own niche in the music business, with the release of their latest album, "Sing Your Own Song." Since they have related their memories of the 8-track genre, you might assume that North 40 isn't your typical 20-something duet – though you couldn't tell it from their energetic personalities. Logan said the name is intentional.

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"That's why we decided to go with North 40. We really believe that life begins north of 40. We feel more capable, beautiful, stronger, and wiser than we've ever felt before. And, why not? We've always been singers. We've always written songs, so why not keep doing it? We really saw room in country radio for our demographic for songs written [with] that perspective. When Heather and I write now, the songs are a lot different than what we were writing in our 20's. We don't talk about the same things."

"We've lived through it all," admits Looney. "We've seen a lot more stuff. That's just the nature of life. That's part of our message, 'Take life and soak up those beautiful moments.' There's people that are heat seekers. We're beauty seekers. That's where we take our music from."

Logan arrived in Nashville in the early 1990s, and recalls that the talent pool in Music City was a little more deeper than it was in Arizona, not that it bothered her. "I'm the girl who chases it, who doesn't walk in fear. I've always loved to do music, so I'm gonna follow that. So is Heather. We both came here with that purpose. I came here with my sister, and she left me after nine months. They said we were the best thing -- the next Judds. When we came to Nashville, the reality begins sitting in. You have to literally start over as a little guppy. But, it's all good," she says.

The duo's current single, "Tell Me Something Good," was inspired by real life. "It came from a bad day. That's what we try to do -try to find the good in the bad, and turn it around. We wrote a happy positive song from a space that wasn't so happy. I wasn't always that optimistic. There was a point in my life where I was a little more dismal, but the beauty about being our age is that you go through different peaks and valleys. That's where you get the wisdom to see it from another perspective. You have to earn wisdom, you can't read it in a book."

The duo is continuing to visit radio stations throughout the United States, and will be appearing next week at the Southern Women's Show in Music City. Looney says she is counting down the days. "It's amazing what they put together to benefit health and wellness, as well as shopping, food, and family is amazing. We are honored to be there in any capacity."


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