Exclusive Premiere and Q&A: Noisia Teams With Mefjus & Hybris on 'Clusterfunk'

Rutger Prins


On their latest release, Dutch trio Noisia got a little help from their friends.

The notoriously talented production trio managed to lure Austrian artist Mefjus and Prague producer Hybris to their studios in the historic northern university city of Groningen to combine forces on Noisia's new four-track Incessant EP.

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Commencing with pitched stabs over a rollicking drum n bass beat, "Clusterfunk" progresses through complex polyrhythms and various unconventional tones that showcase the artists' penchant for advanced synthesis and sound design.

Listen to the full premiere of "Clusterfunk" exclusively on Billboard:

Billboard checked in with the Groningen natives to learn more about the collaboration's backstory and creative evolution.

How did this collaboration come together?
We threw a party where both Mefjus and Hybris played, and we got them to stick around in Groningen for a few days. We'd been meaning to do a collab for a little bit, and this was perfect timing.

What was your creative approach on the remix?
We went into two studios simultaneously. One studio produced "Clusterfunk," while from the other "Reptilians" emerged. It was a deliberately different approach, one very tight techy tune, and one loose, hairy and stompy tune.

You guys are known for your unconventional studio skills and next-level sound design. Any cool insights into how you made this track?
Nik had recently bought a Moog Sub 37. The lead sound in "Clusterfunk" is the result of messing around with the looping envelope functions on there. Also, for a long time it was actually unmixable, because somehow we managed to place one of the snares off grid without noticing.

What's next for Noisia?

We've just released the Ten Years of Vision compilation and completed the tour, so right now we're working on new Noisia material, new collabs, new events -- including our first open-air festival we're holding in Groningen, new releases on our labels, new merchandise and more.

Noisia's Incessant EP will be available through Vision Recordings on April 20 and can be pre-ordered here.