Exclusive Premiere: Guy Gerber Reinterprets Art Department's 'Catch You By Surprise'

Courtesy of Ultra Music
Art Department

When Art Department released its sophomore effort Natural Selection last fall, the Toronto duo had no illusions about its dance floor fluency.

"Aside from our first year -- when we were touring and playing all our own music because it was all dance music -- I don't think too much about trying to work our music into our sets," Jonny White tells Billboard.

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Luckily, they have Guy Gerber to do that for them. The Israeli artist reinterprets contemplative vocal cut "Catch You By Surprise" through a dark and percussive prism, submerging the original's refrain within a chugging groove and atmospheric overlays with club-ready results.

Listen to the full premiere of Guy Gerber's remix exclusively on Billboard:

Guy Gerber's remix of Art Department's "Catch You By Surprise" will be available through Ultra Music / No. 19 Music on April 13.