Cut Snake's Guest Playlist: Outboxx, Denney & More

Cut Snake
Breton Carroso

Cut Snake

The former pro-surfers share what's currently in their headphones

Cut Snake could be the poster boys for career transition.

Hailing from Australia's ever-sunny Gold Coast, Paul Fisher and Leigh Sedley began surfing professionally at age 12 and found themselves drawn to dance music after being exposed through travel to international competitions. Fast forward to 2015, the duo have traded their surfboards for studio gear, relocating to Los Angeles and signing their deep and mellow productions to Three Six Zero / Warner Bros. Records.

The duo were a dynamic presence on Holy Ship, where they downed beer-filled "shoeies" with fans and regaled the Dirtybird crew with tales of the time Fisher ended up on the news after capsizing his boat and swimming six-and-a-half hours through shark-filled waters to safety. Billboard caught up with the outlandish artists to get a sense for the tunes that currently soundtrack their surf sessions.

Justin Martin, Ardalan & PartyPatty - Function

This tune oozes funk, fun, wild, and weird, and romps every dance floor it lands on. We got a chance to hang out with Justin and a bunch of the Dirtybird crew recently at Holy Ship, and they're all the most fun, humble, and down to earth crew. This track just suits their whole vibe down to a T.

Outboxx - Sunshine Mills

"Good vibes on this one!! A new tune with a classic house sound. Straight up and down shuffling drums, a sick 90s style vocal sample, and a catchy piano riff. This tune screams summer! It makes ya wanna rip the gear off, crack a beer and kick it poolside!" 

Basement Jaxx (XL)? - Where's Your Head At

"I remember seeing Basement Jaxx play at the Big Day Out in 2002, and when this track was played, about 15,000 people absolutely lost their shit!  Heads were flying all over the joint. There was so much energy and everyone was so pumped.  It was definitely one of the reasons I got into electronic music as a teenager." 

Denney? - Low Frequency

"What gets me buzzing about this tune is the build up in this bad boy. If that doesn't rev ya engine, then ya need to fix it. The first time I heard the track was a clip of Jamie Jones playing it at Burning Man, and I was like, "What the hell is that?" I honestly couldn't stop watching it and just losing it. Then recently, I watched Lee Foss and Green Velvet go b2b and they dropped this bomb on the crowd. I remember just going "Yes! There it is!" I could listen to that build up all day…"

Wonderland Avenue? - White Horse

"This tune brings back so many memories for me. When I first started hitting the scene, this weapon was just making the crowd shake haha. Recently, we dusted it off and started wacking it in to some of our sets, and people have just been grooving their asses off. Ride the white horse to the dance floor… Yeee haaaaa!"