Exclusive Video: salute's 'Silver Tides' Is Like Pokémon on LSD

To drum up buzz for his forthcoming EP, the U.K. producer wanted a video that was 'colorful, animated and over-the-top.'

Over the past year, 18-year-old U.K. producer Felix Nyajo, better known as salute, has been quietly pulling together material for his debut EP, Silver Tides, while his remixes for Sam Smith and Stwo generate buzz. The EP is set to be released on Feb. 27 through Nyajo's own Dime Club imprint and promises to be a tight package of glitchy, synth-heavy slow jams that straddle R&B and instrumental hip-hop. 

He's made a magnificently trippy music video for the EP's title track, and you can watch it exclusively here on Billboard:

To direct the project, salute asked Yassine Haddad, a co-founder of the Paris-based record label Rooftops Horizon, to create something colorful, animated and over-the-top. It helped that the two know eachother personally: "I know what universe is hidden behind this guy," Haddad said. The resulting clip puts a modern, computerized spin on classic psychedelic references, such as geometric kaleidoscopes and swirling cubes.  

When Haddad first listened to the song, he was inspired to work with a series of waves and colors. "To me, 'Silver Tides' is a story about things in movement, a conversation between geometry and sound," he said. It references a music video the company did for Rusty Hook's "Drifting Away" as well as, believe it or not, Pokemon

"I wanted to create a universe that comes from imagination, like Pokemon's world, where nothing is impossible or perfectly articulated," Haddad said. "It also reflects a world where things move way too fast -- like our world. That's why I added several scenes that were recorded in real life, to make a link between the imaginary world and our own."