CODE Guest Playlist: Eelke Kleijn Shares His Favorite Movie Scores

Next time you hear Eelke Kleijn's music, don't be surprised if there's popcorn in hand.

While the Dutch producer's release resume includes marquee labels like EMI, Ultra, Spinnin' and Toolroom, it's his ear for creating silver-screen scores that sets him apart. In addition to the quality dance catalog that prompted BBC Radio 1 to name him as a "Next Hype" act, Kleijn moonlights as a modern composer and has contributed soundtracks for Hollywood films including Parker, Wrath of the Titans, and Rush.

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Billboard caught up with the rising talent on his recent visit to New York to share a sweeping guest playlist of his all-time favorite movie scores.

Cinematic Orchestra - "Rival of the Birds" [The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos]

Kleijn: "This is probably my all-time favorite score. The best way to listen to this is in a dark room with headphones on. The only comment I have is that it should have been longer!"

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James Newton Howard – "The Healing" [Lady in the Water]

Kleijn: "The movie was okay, the score was incredible. James Newton Howard is one of today's best composers. The part from 2:22 onwards is especially incredible and really touches my heart."

Björk feat. Skunk Anansie – "Army Of Me" (Sucker Punch Remix) [Sucker Punch]

Kleijn: "The original song by Björk was already amazing, but the version used in Sucker Punch was even cooler. Actually if you get the chance, check out this movie with BIG speakers. All the music in this movie is great!"

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Hans Zimmer – "Time" [Inception]

Kleijn: "For me this is one of the best songs by Hans. There is also a video of him playing it live at the Inception premiere on the Internet -- check that out. I love how it starts out really, really small and just builds up and climaxes in the middle, but closes really small and emotional again."

Eelke Kleijn – "Tomorrow" [The Crossing]

Kleijn: "This is the track I did for the new trailer of John Woo's film The Crossing. It's one of the pieces I'm most proud of and to have it feature in a John Woo movie is amazing."