Exclusive: Slaptop Premieres 'Distraction' Video

Valeria Podoynitsyn


If you thought your New Year's Eve party was raging, wait until you see this new video from San Francisco producer Slaptop. Like "Sunrise," his summer debut that followed a group of kids raging from dusk 'til dawn, "Distraction" features more young people nocturnally partying in the summertime. Wearing masks, they loiter in apartment hallways and shoot confetti cannons before venturing into the streets, eventually winding up at a club before heading home in time for the sunrise.

Both clips were directed by Gabriel Gomez and Julien Melendez of Crooked Letter Films, who seems to know a thing or two about having a good time -- or at least filming it. "The 'Distraction' music video was shot chronologically over the course of one summer night in New York City," they tell Billboard. "It is the follow-up to the 'Sunrise' video, which was shot in the same format in San Francisco. Spontaneity & commitment from our friends old and new make these videos happen."

In addition to the success of "Sunrise," which soundtracked FIFA 2015, the "15 Billion Shazams" promotional video and cracked the top 5 iTunes electronic charts, Slaptop was picked up by Career Artist Management after remixing Maroon 5's hit "Maps"; he's also signed to +1 Records. Seems like this kid's going places, and not just to the rooftop.