CODE Guest Playlist: Huxley

Trace U.K. house and garage to their intersection and you're bound to encounter Huxley. The eclectic artist is set to release his new Blurred LP on Oct. 20 through esteemed English imprint Aus. Huxley describes Blurred as a tribute to the "blurred lines between pop, house, garage, techno, dubstep and breakbeat that run throughout most of my music."

In advance of the album, Huxley caught up with Billboard to provide a bumping guest playlist of his favorite garage classics. Take a time machine back to the heady '90s movement with a listen below.

Lenny Fontana, "Spirit Of The Sun" (Steve Gurley)

"The best 2-step garage record ever made in my opinion. This proves you don't need much more than a killer beat, bassline and vocal. I could listen to this track every day, and frequently do. Steve Gurley's take on 2-step is second to none."

Jhelisa, "Friendly Pressure" (Sunship Mix)

"Again, another song that I could listen to every day. The perfect summer track. Great jazzy chords complement Jhelisa's vocal perfectly. Throw in some of Sunship's trademark vocal cuts and you have an instant winner. My advice is to put this into your car and turn it up. Awesome."

Dem 2, "Destiny"

"Probably the second best 2-step track ever made. Released on Locked On, one of the best U.K. garage labels there ever was, this was an absolute classic and you can see why. I think I ended up paying about £25 for this back in the day and every penny was worth it. Dem 2's cut up style is something that still resonates with me a lot and is definitely something I still take a lot of inspiration from."

Wookie ft. Lain, "Battle"

"My favorite of all of the garage/chart crossovers. The trademark Wookie bass with Lain's smooth vocals bounce off each other so well. I played my vinyl copy of this record so much that it's ruined. I love Wookie's new stuff, too, but would love to hear him make another 'Battle!'"

MJ Cole ft. Digga, "Gotta Have It"

"For my last pick, I deliberated over about five or six tracks, all of which were MJ Cole. The best that ever did it in my eyes. This track is probably my favourite ever from Mr. Coleman. A bit less known and released after the garage bubble had burst, this was my soundtrack on the way to work every day (when I had a real job, anyway!). The pizzicato is sublime."