Exclusive: Watch Avicii's 'The Days' Lyric Video

Sean Eriksson

This is the first in a planned series of singles previewing Avicii's new album, tentatively due early spring 2015.

Avicii's new lyric video for the Robbie Williams-assisted "The Days" is a testament to the creative power of words. Though, maybe not how one might first think. 

In the clip, an artist spray-paints the lyrics of "The Days" against a white wall, more and more as the song goes on, filling the wall with black ink. Without much context, it at first seems like a pretty average method of showcasing the words of the guitar-driven, suped-up 1980s power ballad. But at the end, we see there's been a method in the painter's madness, revealing an impressive piece of work. 

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"The Days" is the first in a planned series of singles previewing the follow-up to Avicii's hit debut LP, True, which is tentatively due in early spring 2015. He told Billboard recently the new project will shed the folky influences of some of his past work and should really be described as rock. 

"I wanted to take a step away from 'Wake Me Up!' and the folky stuff to explore my influences growing up," he said, citing Toto and Queen. "There's no limitations."

Watch the video here: