Sohn Accuses Audi Of Taking a Free Ride With His Music

Andreas Waldscheutz


Sohn suspects Audi has lifted one of his songs for an ad campaign without permission. No harm. He’s willing to do a swap.

The British electro-soul artist caught the commercial for Audi’s A3 Sportback, and his ears tuned into the soundtrack. The tune, Sohn suggests, is a dead-ringer for his one of his own pieces, "Lessons." And he shared his thoughts with his fans.

“Feels like you may have "borrowed" from one of my tunes... Can I "borrow" one of your cars?,” he tweeted.

There’s been no response from Audi, yet. In the meantime, the court of public opinion will do its thing. Decide for yourself.  

"Lessons" appears on the London-born, Vienna-based musician, songwriter and producer’s full-length debut album Tremors, which arrived in April. Sohn, who signed to the venerable indie label 4AD in the spring of 2013, was identified by Billboard earlier this year as one of 14 Artists to Watch in 2014.

“Sohn is already a key figure in the new electronic soul underground, producing the elegantly destroyed 'Waiting Game' for Banks and remixing acts like Rhye, Haim, and Angel Haze,” Billboard noted ahead of the release.

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Sohn joins a long, and growing, list of artists who’ve felt their tunes were ripped-off for ad campaigns. And he’s not the first to point the finger at a car manufacturer. In 2007, Tom Waits settled a lawsuit against German carmaker Adam Opel AG and its advertising agency McCann for using a sound-alike in a series of TV commercials (he’d sought $300,000 in damages). The gravel-voiced singer famously won $2.5 million in a case against Frito-Lay in the United States, which was affirmed on appeal in 1992, for using his vocal style in a commercial marketing the Salsa Rio Doritos chips.