Herbert Song Premiere: Listen To 'Bumps' From His Next EP

 Accidental Records

 Herbert photographed December 20, 2013 for Accidental Records.

Masterful house producer Matthew Herbert is returning next month with a new release, Part 7, which is the latest installment in his ongoing EP series. The lead track, "Bumps," is a hypnotic pop song which you can hear exclusively on Billboard.com below:

Working with vocalist Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne from the London outfit Hejira, Herbert creates a stuttering rhythm that reaches an urgent breaking point. The British producer, best known for his house full-lengths Around The House and Scale, uses "Bumps" to introduce the four-song Part 7 EP, due out Sept. 8.

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"Much as I wanted to write just music for fun this Summer whilst I moved my studio, this track still ended up being about the madness of a system that can't stop itself eating itself," says Herbert. "The fact that the percussion all came from a quick rummage through my bin probably didn't help."

Part 7 follows the appropriately named Part 6, which was released last month, as well as Herbert Complete, a 130-track box set that came out last year for diehard fans on Accidental Records. Parts 1-5 was released on the now-defunct Phono Records in 1995.