Deadmau5 and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Get Caffeinated in ‘Coffee Run’ Video: Watch

George Pimentel/WireImage

Deadmau5 attends the 2014 Juno Awards Nominee Press Conference at The Design Exchange on February 4, 2014 in Toronto, Canada.

Deadmau5 is doing the rounds in a video of a different sort. The EDM superstar has taken Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford for a thrill ride, some freewheeling banter and serves of super-strength coffee. And it’s all captured on film.

The 30-minute video could be mistaken as a screen-test for an Odd Couple reboot. The Canadian DJ, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, is wearing standard clubbing kit, he’s wiry, and covered in tattoos. He’s also staunchly anti-drugs, and typically takes nothing stronger than coffee. Ford is wearing a suit and tie, and has a paunch that stretches his safety belt to its limits. He’s also notorious for having spent time in rehab for crack cocaine problems.

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And yet, the pair get along just fine. They chat about politics (Zimmerman knows nothing about it) football (Zimmerman knows almost nothing about it, Ford “loves football, its cool”), coffee (Zimmerman wants to get into the business, Ford assures it’s a “cash cow”). And there’s not shortage of spicy language.

En route to a Tim Hortons outlet in Toronto, Ford confesses his love for his driver’s Ferrari and all things fast. “Are you a speed junkie kinda guy?” Zimmerman enquires.

When they reach their destination, Deadmau5 orders an "extra-large double-double," while Ford asks for a staggering "five espressos” in a single cup.

“What does that equate to? That’s cardiac arrest,” Deadmau5 laughs. “I don’t know but it’s good, trust me,” Ford assures. Ford makes certain to pay his host. As the caffeine starts to kick in, Zimmerman gives his passenger a rush as he puts his foot down over the freeway.

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The electronic music producer and DJ also gives some insight into his lifestyle when he removes the Deadmau5 helmet. “My life, I think outside of the music stuff -- and it’s probably the same for you with your politics stuff -- it’s so benignly stupid it’s not even worth writing a book about it,” he explains.

Ford's appearance is part of an online series created by Deadmau5, called Coffee Run. The likes of Pharrell and German wunderkind Zedd also appear in Webisodes. Watch the full video below.