CODE First Play: John Dahlback & Benny Benassi, ‘Blink Again’

John Dahlback and Benny Benassi
Ultra Records

John Dahlback (l) and Benny Benassi

In the blink of an eye, artists come and go. However, two of dance music’s tenured veterans, Benny Benassi and John Dahlbäck, challenge listeners today with “Blink Again,” their first-ever collaboration. Listen to it below:

In addition to a bouncing bassline and vocal chops, “Blink Again” possesses a wind tunnel-like build and explosive release that makes it prime material for big-room jaunts; perfect timing as festival season grinds into gear.

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Benassi and Dahlbäck each have proven their longevity in the fast-moving business of dance music: the former is responsible for spawning massive hits in ultimate rave anthem “Satisfaction” and “Cinema,” while Dahlbäck has been cracking out hits since age 17.

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Both producers spoke with Billboard on just how the two came together for the single. “’Blink’ was influenced heavily by Benny's 'Satisfaction,’” Dahlbäck revealed, “so the first idea that popped up was that he could get involved in the new version. I'm very happy how it proceeded. It sounds exactly how I wanted it to!”

“It was just very easy, really!” Benassi assured. “I’ve known John for years now as we have previously worked together and he also did a guest mix for my Benny Benassi & Friends iHeart Radio show on Evolution... John just came to me and said, ‘Hey, would you like to help me in doing a rework of “Blink?’” and I was like, ‘Sure!’"

“It's really funny actually,” he added. “Back in 2007, John drew inspiration from the stuff I was doing at the time for the original making of 'Blink'. I felt really honored at the time; I never thought I could be a "muse" for someone! I guess that's why John decided to contact me when he wanted to rework the track.”

The single won’t be the last we hear of either producer in 2014. Both are spending time in the studio working on new material, while Benassi readies to kick off his North American tour on April 24.

“Blink Again” will be released on Ultra Records, while a remix release is scheduled to drop next month on May 16.