Giorgio Moroder Talks About Daft Punk's Dedication to Him: Watch

Georgio Moroder
Khadija Bhuiyan

Giorgio Moroder, the godfather of disco, took a break from the Ultra Music Festival to hang with Billboard at the Red Bull Guest House to talk to Kerri Mason about last year’s collaboration with Grammy-winning disco revivalists Daft Punk.

“I was absolutely thrilled and surprised,” Moroder says of when he first heard “Giorgio by Moroder,” a song featuring his conversational vocals from an interview of sorts the French dance duo did with him in a prior studio session.

“I spoke for about two and a half hours and they said, ‘That’s it,’”  Giorgio recalls of the interview. When he asked what they’d do with it, they answered, “We cannot tell you.”

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Watch the full interview above to learn more about that and also how the iconic producer creates music in an era of laptops and applications.  

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