CODE First Play: Carnage and Junkie Kid, 'Krakatoa'


Los Angeles-based Carnage has released tracks on labels like Fool’s Gold, Indie Pop, Spinnin and Dim Mak, so it’s not too surprising that his latest tune, “Krakatoa,” has earned a home on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom imprint. Still, Carnage himself sees it more as a matter of obligation, joking, “Tiësto is my father. He owed me one.”

Listen to the premiere of “Krakatoa” here:

Named for an Indonesian volcano and packed with some major drops and an epic instrumental chorus, the collaboration with Junkie Kid displays Carnage’s preference for big sounds while revealing another interest of the producer’s as well.

“A lot of people don't know, but I'm a bit of a history buff,” Carnage admits. “Krakatoa is noted as one of the most violent volcanoes in history. While working on the track with Junkie Kid, I just kept thinking how eruptive and aggressive it sounded. It's explosive. It's meant to shake people up and do damage.”

Carnage has often described his sound as “festival music,” and for its volume alone this tune fits that descriptor well, even if the producer himself sees beyond festivals.

“Festival music is essentially the same concept as ‘this should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area,’” he explains. “My music is intended for festivals, and in my opinion, that's the only way to get the 100% Carnage experience. However people choose to listen to my music, I love them for listening. Period.”

Part of that experience includes a festival-sized sense of humor -- within the music and his presentation -- and it’s not necessarily for everybody.

“The people that do get me though, get me 100%,” Carnage says. “My fans, there's nothing half-assed about them. I go hard for them and they go just as hard for me.”

“Krakatoa” is available March 24 through Musical Freedom.


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