Avicii to Launch Pop Up Shop During Ultra Music Festival (Exclusive)

Mark Seliger, Courtesy of Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren


Manager Ash Pournouri talks about his latest branding endeavor, a one-week only Avicii-themed concept store in Miami at the end of March. Fans can get Avicii-branded t-shirts, tote bags, flip flops and condoms

When the dance music world descends on Miami each March for the combined madness that is Ultra Music Festival, Winter Music Conference and Miami Music Week, there is no shortage of self-promotion. But as he has for the past three years, Avicii looks to be a step ahead of his competition, this time with the launch of an all-Avicii pop-up concept store on South Beach's Lincoln Rd. simply titled the Avicii Store.

Featuring an array of Avicii-branded items including t-shirts, flip-flops, hats and even condoms, the producer/DJ and his manager, Ash Pournouri, are pushing the limits of branded promotion with a wink and a nod to those in the know.

 Courtesy of At Night Management
A rendering of the Avicii Store

"We don't take ourselves too seriously," Pournouri tells Billboard. "There's so much noise in the space of electronic music. If you want to grow and establish anything you have to be different."

Different has worked for Pournouri and his star client/business partner in At Night Management. The two first made a splash in South Beach in 2011 when they branded shuttle buses with Avicii's name, offering rides to fans from South Beach to Ultra Music Festival in Downtown Miami, where Avicii was performing.

"The next year we knew everybody would copy us but I was already thinking one step ahead," Pournouri says. 

In 2012, Avicii-branded ice cream trucks roamed the city and in 2013 they took over a boutique hotel, temporarily renaming it the Avicii Hotel. The hotel concept returns in 2014, this time at the SLS Hotel in South Beach. But with rooms at $800 a night, it's certainly not an opportunity for every fan. A pack of Avicii-branded condoms, however, is far more affordable. That mix of accessibility with aspiration is part of the brand Pournouri is developing with Miami as the ideal launchpad to do it.

"It's the start of the year," Pournouri says of the festival week. "Everybody is there. We're treating it as a very authentic place for a brand to speak to both fans and the industry."

Avicii Store will open March 24-31 at 201 Lincoln Rd. at Collins Ave. in South Beach and will offer 14 styles of custom Avicii graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops along with custom Avicii tote bags, flip flops, stickers, snapbacks, temporary tattoos, flying discs, iPhone cases, sunglasses, and the aforementioned condoms. Avicii's next release, "TRUE (Avicii by Avicii)," a track-by-track remix album of his smash 2013 LP, drops March 25.