Above & Beyond Talk 'Acoustic' Album and New Material

Kate Glicksberg

Above & Beyond photographed at the Billboard Studio on January 30, 2014

“It’s almost like doing local youth theater but doing it at the Greek Theater instead,” says Paavo Siljamäki of Above & Beyond about his group’s recent acoustic project.

What began as an experiment in early 2013 became an unexpected sensation. The electronic trance trio transformed their catalog for two live performances last year; one in London and another in Los Angeles, with the former recorded and released as a live album. Siljamäki and bandmate Tony McGuinness sat down with Billboard recently to talk about the acoustic project.

“It’s something we decided that we wanted to do but it’s not our day job,” McGuinness explains. “We’re back in the studio now writing and producing what will be our fourth electronic album. I’d like to return to the acoustic thing if we can with the songs from the new album added into it.”

The group’s next major appearance will be at Ultra Music Festival where McGuinness says fans can expect to hear some of the new material the group is working on for the next album. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of more acoustic work even within the coming year, however. 

“It’s like we have this wonderfully-tuned Rolls Royce and we put it back in the garage,” he says. “We know it works now and we can get it out at times when we feel it’s appropriate.”

“Acoustic” by Above & Beyond is out now through Ultra Records.