Elle Morgan, a 13-Year-Old Producer, Releases New Track 'Starkidz'

Forte Photography
Elle Morgan

Martin Garrix has frequently spoken about how Tiësto inspired him to become a DJ when the then 8-year-old Garrix saw the EDM superstar perform at the 2004 Athens Olympics. But Garrix isn’t the only one. When she was just 9 years old, Texas-based Elle Morgan went to a Tiësto show with her parents.

“Watching him perform and play the music he produced was very inspiring,” says Morgan, now 13. “I begged for two years that they let me become a DJ. On my 11th birthday they finally broke down and got me the equipment I needed to start learning”.

You can listen to the premiere of Morgan’s newest single, “Starkidz” here:

“The process was very long and challenging, but it was definitely worth it,” Morgan says of the “Starkidz” recording process. “It taught me that things don’t just happen, you have to put a lot of time and effort into the things you want. I‘ve been working in the studio for over a year, and this is the one track that I thought was ‘the one.’”

In her short career, Morgan has performed for Avicii, opened for Chris Lake and tag-teamed with LA Riots, who she describes as “super nice and really easy to work with.” If teen DJs are still somewhat of an EDM oddity (they can’t attend most festivals and certainly can’t get into a nightclub), Morgan’s love of EDM is as normal as balancing her life as a student and an aspiring artist.

“I still go to the mall and the movies and have sleepovers with my friends,” she assures. “I usually do my homework in school because I know I'm busy when I get home with piano, production and vocal practice.”

Morgan affirms that her friends are her biggest supporters, even though they aren’t always able to go to most of her gigs. But unlike other teen DJs, Morgan embraces her age, even hosting a regular weekend party, Elle’s House, exclusively for 9 to 15 year-olds at a venue in her suburban Houston hometown.

“There isn't really a big difference except that the adults are older,” Morgan says of her kids-only parties. “The kids have as just as much fun as the adults have. From the booth it's all the same to me.”

In addition to finishing high school, Morgan’s goals include working with Zedd and tag-teaming with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. But ultimately, she’s just like any other EDM-loving kid.

“I can’t wait to go to EDC and Tomorrowland,” she says. “I'd love my first time to be as an artist but would still love to go as a fan.”