CODE First Play: Cole Plante with Myon & Shane 54, 'If I Fall'

Cole Plante

Like many other high school juniors, Cole Plante has a pretty busy schedule. He runs track. He plays in the marching band. He studies for his SATs and this past Sunday he began a run as an opener on Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights tour. That last part may be a little different than most. Plante, 17, is also releasing his newest single, “If I Fall,” a collaboration with Myon & Shane 54 (their first tune together, “Lie To Me,” topped the Dance Club Songs Chart late last year). Check out the premiere of “If I Fall” exclusively here:

“It’s hard to balance,” Plante acknowledges of his schedule. “I do homework as soon as I get home from track and marching band and then I’m also working on music.”

Plante started DJing at 13, initially as a way to earn extra income for his family. His studio is still in his bedroom, which he shares with his brother in his family’s Westside Los Angeles apartment. A typical teenager, he gushes with excitement about meeting his favorite bands at Lollapalooza, where Plante performed in 2013, and he talks with equal fervor about DJing his school’s homecoming dance as he does sharing a lineup with Avicii and Nero.

Less typical are Plante’s extracurricular activities. His father had previously worked for Paul Oakenfold, a connection that resulted in a few Vegas gigs for Plante as well as an introduction to Perry Farrell. The two released a track, “Here We Go Now” earlier this year. A deal with Hollywood Records led to Plante remixing Lovato’s single “Neon Lights,” which in turn led to an opening slot on the current leg of her tour – an opportunity that a few years ago would have been implausible for an EDM artist. By virtue of who he is, Plante bridges the gap between a teen demographic and the 18+, club-going EDM fanbase, even within his own high school.

“They’re all doing their thing and I’m touring as an artist,” he says of his friends and classmates. “A lot of my friends like it. I try to play [my music] for them, kind of promoting myself because hey, that’s the ultimate promotion – going to every single one of my friends.”

Naturally, Plante has earned comparisons to other teen DJs – Martin Garrix, Madeon and even the now of-age Porter Robinson. While those artists have crafted personas and cultivated a fanbase that is decidedly adult, Plante, by contrast, is in no rush to grow up.

“I love playing in the club but I’m frankly not a fan of the club environment really,” Plante admits. “Most times two security guards are standing next to me. I love going for the music.”