Maarten Hoogstraten Says Bingo Players 'Will Always Be Plural'
Bingo Players

As expected, Bingo Players will continue, despite the loss of founding member Paul Bäumer. Bäumer passed away last month after a short battle with cancer. In his first public statement since Bäumer’s death, posted on Facebook and the group's website this morning, the duo's Maarten Hoogstraten expressed his appreciation for his fans' support over the last month while vowing to continue the career he and Bäumer had worked towards.

"We've come too far to stop now," Hoogstraten says. "Paul's spirit will always be a part of anything I do as Bingo Players. Before he passed, Paul and I spoke and he made it clear he wanted me to continue Bingo Players. He and I have worked so hard to get to where we are, and it feels as though our journey had only really just begun."

Hoogstraaten also invites those who are interested to donate in Bäumer’s name to the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF), where a fund has been set up.

In addition to releasing new material that Hoogstraten and Bäumer worked on prior to Bäumer's passing, Bingo Players will continue this year as one of the residents at Las Vegas megaclub Hakkasan, alongside Tiësto and Afrojack.

"I want to continue because I love what I do and I want to do it for both of us," Hoogstraten says. "Bingo Players will always be plural."