CODE Resolution 2014 Playlist: 21 Workout Cuts from Flux Pavilion, Martin Garrix and More

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Markus Schulz, Martin Garrix, Flux Pavilio

It’s a new year once again. Champagne hangovers and seasonally boosted sugar addictions are in full effect and all any of us want to do is to stick to our resolutions! Since so many of us fill our gym playlists with EDM tracks, we thought who better to ask for playlist suggestions than the DJs and producers themselves?

From hits of the past year to a few guilty pleasures (and even a few tracks of their own), these are the tunes that will keep you on top of your 2014 fitness resolutions as chosen by DJs.

Flux Pavilion: Azzido Da Bass, "Dooms Night” (Timo Mass remix)

"I'm a sucker for a build-up and this track has one of the best buildups of all time. Always check this track whenever I get in a new studio."

Martin Garrix: Pharrell Williams, “Happy”

“It always puts me in a happy mood!”

Cole Plante: TNGHT, “Higher Ground”

“When those horns come in there's so much energy. As soon as the kick comes in it drives the track even higher. The song also says ‘reaching for higher ground,’ which is a perfect phrase to hear while working out.”

Laidback Luke: Survivor, “Eye Of The Tiger”

“This was always my favorite workout song as a kid. It made me feel like I could take on the whole world! As an adult, it makes me smile now as well. Perfect if you're feeling a bit rough.”

Victor Niglio: Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes, "Stop In My Mind"

“It makes me feel like I'm working out in a 2002 eastern European techno music video. Plus the short, staccato rhythm of the drop just pumps you up like no other!”

Yolanda Be Cool: Yolanda Be Cool featuring SFY & Fritz Helder, “All That She Wants”

“Sometimes when you hit the gym for a cardio session it’s all about energy and speed. Well, this track is NOT the track for that. Other times you hit the gym, it's about strength, control, and posture. This version of ‘All That She Wants’ is exactly the track you need. The low-slung, deep, but sexy groove sitting around 98 BPM will give you the inspiration you need to hold that yogalate pose for that extra ten seconds or punch out an extra set on the peck deck so you will indeed be ALL THAT SHE WANTS.”

Markus Schulz : Markus Schulz feat. Rex Mundi, “Towards The Sun”

There is a nice message in the track to fight against the temptation of giving up. Persist, work hard and the rewards are there. Keep on moving towards the sun. When you're at the gym, you need motivation.”

Physical Therapy: Truncate, “Modify”

“When I work out I often listen to this track on repeat. Its relentless looping and pounding drums can always help push me to do just one more set. Lyrically it's totally inspiring: ‘modify, modify, modify.’ That's all I'm trying to do at the gym anyway, a little old fashioned body modification. David Flores is one of the best techno producers in the world and definitely gets me crazy pumped at the club or at the gym.”

Walden: Sick Individuals & Axwell, “I AM”

“This would be good for a workout!! Happy sweating!”

D.O.D: Nom De Strip, “I Can't Believe” (Original Mix)

Why: This is my new favorite jam. The off beat driving bass is sure to make you get off your ass after eating your own weight in Christmas dinner! Synths that float over the top making the track skip along, and the evil vocal is the perfect track to get you into shape!

DubVision: Eric Prydz, “Call On Me”

The repetitive sample Prydz used in this track is so contagious! It especially works well when you do a cardio exercise. When you think of the video clip it only makes you wanna go faster!

Ferry Corsten: Ferry Corsten featuring Jenny Wahlström, “Many Ways” (Row Rocka remix)

"The vocals by Jenny instantly bring a smile to your face and keep that happy vibe in the track. The build in the break gets your heart pumping. When this track drops it gets your adrenaline level up by miles and you just feel unstoppable.

Danny Howard: Sub Focus, “Turn Back Time” (Metrik Remix)

“Although I play house music as a DJ, when I’m in the gym I need maximum energy and often turn to drum & bass. This incredible Metrik remix of Sub Focus really helps me get in the zone and pushes me that little bit harder.”

Shermanology: Sander van Doorn & Yves V, “Direkt Dizko”

“The only thing you need to keep the adrenaline going is a heavy kick and a funky baseline. This track has both, so it’s impossible to stand still to this one. Move move move, and burn that fat you put on over the holidays!”

Mightyfools: Hardwell & Dyro featuring. Bright Lights, “Never Say Goodbye” (Wildstylez Remix)

“It's catchy, fast, lots of buildups and just pure adrenaline. This one makes you push extra weights, run extra fast and train those abs till you puke. Results guaranteed!”

Grum: Pryda, “Lycka”

“‘Lycka’ is Swedish for happiness, and this has to be the ultimate uplifting tune of the last few months. Breathtakingly simple and with pristine production, this tune will give you a serotonin boost to help run an extra mile.”

Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic: Disclosure featuring AlunaGeorge, “White Noise”

“One of my favorite Disclosure tracks. This one's so funky and driving and that little melody throughout is absolutely mesmerizing.”

Felix Cartal: Felix Cartal featuring Ofelia, “New Scene” (Deorro remix)

“Deorro brought some live guitars into this mix that accompany the vocals perfectly. That's what makes a great remix for me – adding a new element that sounds just as appropriate as the original mix. Also the drop bangs and would totally make me want to dance… if I enjoyed dancing.”

Autoerotique: Autoerotique, “Nasty"

“This song always gets my blood boiling. It’s so fast and gritty. It’s just straight up nasty. The middle break of white noise always throws people off, but it’s perfect for a quick rest in between reps. 'Nasty’ completes any heavy lifting sets."

gLAdiator: GTA, “Booty Bounce”

“There are few things that inspire us to succeed more than bootys and their propensity to bounce. GTA's anthem/dedication to the booty always pumps us and the crowd way up during our sets.”

Feadz: M.I.A, “Double Bubble Trouble”

“Nobody can resist this song. Your girlfriend might even help you clean if you bring good spirit to it.”