Halloween Ear Candy: 25 Fright Night Tracks from Steve Aoki, Charli XCX and more

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Cherli XCX, Pretty Lights, Steve Aoki

We asked 25 DJs for their spookiest, creepiest, darkest Halloween tracks-the tunes they play at an October 31st gig. Some of their answers may surprise and scare you a bit, too.

Charli XCX
Marilyn Manson: “Tainted Love”

"Because it's awesome and it’s one of the best music videos of all time. We could have a Halloween jacuzzi party and kiss with black lipstick on and it would be really cool."

Laidback Luke
Duck Sauce: “Big Bad Wolf”

"I think the track is very much to the point and fits really well in my sets. It also allows me to go a bit deeper and darker after this, or in any type of direction actually, while still being fun!"

Amir Amor of Rudimental
Rebbie Jackson: “Centipede”

"A classic MJ-written and produced song, in the same vein and era as ‘Thriller.’ The video is  hilarious but it's still a banger!"

Michael Jackson: “Thriller” (Chuckie Edit)

"MJ's thriller will always remind me of Halloween because of that legendary video. My special Halloween edit got enough bass going to keep the dance-floor thrilled! This edit has been on my Halloween playlist for the last three years and still does the spooky trick!"

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
Michael Jackson: “Thriller”

"The video will explain it all. Creeeepy!"

Eats Everything
Winx: “Don't Laugh”

"Because it's the single most scary record out there. The laugh is absolutely horrid and you can get lost in the acid bass line very very easily! Let's just hope no one has taken any hallucinogens. They may never come back. Mwaahahahahahahaha!"

Doctor P
Sub Focus: “Timewarp”

"Even though it's not Halloween-themed in any way it still makes me think of the timewarp in The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki: “Bring You To Life (Transcend)”

"The track is really about turning up and bringing the crowd to life, raging and turning people on, flipping the switch and bringing people alive."

Cookie Monsta
FuntCase: “Ghosts”

"Because something out there is a whole lot scarier than Ghosts, his name is FuntCase and he’d kick my ass if I didn’t pick one of his tunes."

Flux Pavilion
Frank Zappa: “Muffin Man”

"Zappa's Halloween NYC shows were a big deal in the late ‘70s so I thought this would be quite fitting. I do believe the most popular recording of the track was recorded on Halloween. A definite favourite of mine."

Bro Safari featuring. DJ Craze: “Spooked”

"Funkiest Halloween beat I know of."

Just Be (Bushwacka)
Bam Bam: “Where's Your Child”

"This was one of the scariest acid house tunes ever, and when it came out back in 87/88 I was a teenager, just new to the scene and the vocals in this track - pitched down to horror movie voice speed - and the petrifying laugh - and the breaking glass - scared the living daylights out of most of us."

Sander van Doorn
Mark Knight & Sander van Doorn vs Underworld: “TEN”

"I released this track last February and when you hear the dark voice of Karl Hyde, you get goosebumps all over! The video we shot also has this after midnight, dark vibe with mysterious people. Perfect for Halloween!"

The Partysquad
Justice: “Waters of Nazareth”

"When you hear this tune you can easily picture scary creatures creepin’ down dark Halloween streets. Almost like MJ's ‘Thriller’ video. Besides that, it’s still just a bangin’ track and we have to use every opportunity to play it!  Even the record's cover art could be used by the club's VJ on the 31st."

TV Noise
The M Machine featuring Pennybirdrabbit: “Ghosts In The Machine” (Kill The Noise Remix)

"This track gets you from the beginning. The sound designing in this track is so good that it is frightening. The lead filling the second drop is so ridiculously exaggerated, you will be amazed how scary it is."

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Knife Party: “Power Glove”

"Awesome deep and dark track with spooky choir stems in the intro and a sick haunting buildup to scare any dancefloor."

Timo Maas featuring Kelis: “Help Me” (Deep Dish's Ghost Remix)

"This old favorite has some creepy, sweeping Theremin sounds with what sounds like Kelis running through a graveyard pleading for help. It's not without a wee bit of kitsch, but it gets the dancefloor moving."

Borgore: "Booty Monsta"

"I'll drop my new [to be released] track 'Booty Monsta' from my new 'Wild Out' EP on Dim Mak for the obvious reason: I am the Booty Monsta and it's kinda spookie how many booties you get to see when you're around me."

Sandro Silva
D.O.D: “More Cowbell”

"All I have to say about this track is just; WOW! The impact, the hardness and everything that comes with it is just so hard hitting. It's definitely one of the peak-timers in my sets, because this track is showing perfectly what the sound nowadays is: hard-hitting, loud, minimal and just in your face and that's what the crowd needs, especially with Halloween!"

Oliver Twizt
Oliver Twizt: “You're Not Alone” (Original Mix)

"The main melody loop is played with synths that sound like humming evil spirits. The singer tells you that you're not alone and that she'll wait untill the end of time to get you. Don't play this song after midnight; evil will occur."

Wolfgang Gartner & Tom Staar: “Evil Lurks” (Original Mix)

"This chord progression would even give the creepy girl from the 'Exorcist' nightmares. Haunting synths perfect for a Halloween rave!"

Soul Clap
Nick Monaco: “The Stalker”

"The most frighteningly obsessive track in our crates right now and it's on Soul Clap Records to boot!  Nick Monaco turns stalker into sexy on this guitar licked party jam that the dance floor can't seem to get enough of."

Loefah: “Horror Show”

"Well, the track's called ‘Horror Show,’ so that kind of lends itself well for a Halloween set.  But the fun doesn't stop there.  The track has ghoulish swells that pop up behind the droney bass throughout: you can't quite make out if it's a monster, demonic voices, dungeon sounds, whatever. But there's definitely some screams in there."

Cash Cash
Knife Party: “EDM Death Machine”

"The break down has a great creepy, mechanical vibe and the drop sounds like a robotic chainsaw massacre. This record basically sounds like a techno nightmare horror movie."

Pretty Lights
Pretty Lights: “Halloween Funtime REMIXMONSTRousMASHup”

"I like to get as original as possible when I'm producing special tracks specifically for holiday shows which his something I do a lot. So for this track, "Pretty Lights Halloween Funtime REMIXMONSTRousMASHup", I sampled the theme songs from all my favorite Halloween horror movies. I collaged them all together and then I made a spine tingling electro hip hop eery-ass banger to suit."