CODE Picks of the Week: Kenna, RL Grime, MK and Route 94, more

David Lim

Each Friday the CODE crew comes to you with their favorite dance tracks of the week. Listen to the cuts below and tell us what you think in the comments section.

Kenna: “Love Is Still Alive” [Dim Mak]

As an artists who has never had trouble finding his voice, Kenna’s struggle has been getting that voice heard. On “Love Is Still Alive,” (taken from Imitation is Suicide EP series), the longtime friend of Pharell and Chad Hugo opines for love in an Emerson-inspired, harmony-soaked, haunting electronic forest, all produced by the singer himself. Were it not so solid on its own, the temptation to pull apart that vocal track and remix the hell out of “Love Is Still Alive” would be hard to resist.

RL Grime: “Because of U” [WeDidIt]

R&B-inspired vocal samples, pitched up to the roof counter the midrange bass and drum machine swag on this free download.

MK featuring Alana: “Always” Route 94 remix [Defected Records]

Revisiting classics is a risk; one that pays off delectably by Route 94, making 1992 sound fresher than ever.

Nightwave: “Rave Hard” [Heka Trax]

Red Bull Music Academy alum Nightwave drops it harddd with some inventive rhythmic hits and puches.

Moongaï: “Cosmofamilie” 20ysl remix [Warner Music France]

Au revoir to the lounge, we are in the club now on this new slice of nexgen French Touch.