CODE First Play: Sultan & Ned Shepard featuring Zella Day and Sam Martin: 'All These Roads'

Courtesy of the Artist

Sultan & Ned

Each week CODE handpicks the best new tracks to premiere exclusively here. This week features the hook-laden “All These Roads” from Sultan & Ned Shepard.

Montreal-based Sultan & Ned Shepard are no strangers to a hook. Having performed official remix duties for the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Robyn, the veteran house/progressive DJs know their way around a pop song. Still, this is the first time that the former Deep Dish protégés have created a bona find popper of their own with “All These Roads.” Listen to the exclusive CODE First Play here:

“We wanted to make a song that would be timeless, something that you could listen to long after whatever style is fashionable at the moment had changed and moved on to something else,” Shepard explains. “There is such a special energy in organic instruments, such a power in heartfelt vocals, acoustic guitars, horns and pianos, and so we wanted to make those elements very present, to set it apart from all of the synthetic music that is happening at the moment.”

Featuring a topline and vocal from Dr. Luke signee Zella Day and Maroon 5 co-songwriter Sam Martin, “All These Roads” ebbs and flows with harmonies and rhythmic shifts, complementing a vocal delivered with more gusto than Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home.”

Of course, with its strummed jangly guitar and the Americana lyricism, allusions to Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” are painted across this track. The difference (besides the vocalists being credited) is that this is actually an uplifting song. That’s the triumph of spirit fittingly crafted into a dance beat with live instruments as a garnish.

Is this officially a new EDM subgenre – Americanatronica or EDMericana? Perhaps. But whatever path it took to get here, “All These Roads” is undeniably catchy and unashamed of being so, and that’s a feat worth waking up for.

“All These Roads” drops through new Atlantic/WMG imprint Parametric Records on October 22.