Jon Gooch's Feed Me, 'Last Requests': First Listen

Fabio Affuso
Feed Me

Jon Gooch is a lot of things: Revered drum ‘n’ bass producer Spor, plus several other beat-making aliases. Label owner of the newly formed Sotto Voce. A reluctant DJ: He announced in March that he would retire from the road to focus on production.

He’s even a Dr. Frankenstein of sorts: Gooch made his alter-ego Feed Me -- a chain-smoking little green dude who up until recently only existed as a drawn cartoon -- into a tangible animatronic being.

As Feed Me, Gooch is making some of the most adventurous bass music/dubstep/“EDM” around. He’s about to drop the monster’s first album, “Calamari Tuesday,” on October 14. CODE’s got the premiere of “Last Requests” -- a kinder, gentler album cut with a heartbreaking vocal -- below, plus some thoughts from the man and his monster.

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Billboard: Who is the vocalist on “Last Requests” and how did you find her?

Gooch: Jenna G has been a personal favorite vocalist of mine for a long time, and a consistent talent particularly in the U.K. drum ‘n’ bass community. I got in touch and we wrote two tracks; the other is still awaiting release. Jenna's a great writer and really fun work with. She was able to very quickly identify what to bring to the track, so it clicked into place easily.

How does the track function on the album? We'd imagine it's one of the quieter and more emotional moments.

If this album is the story of my life with Feed Me over the last couple of years, then this track represents the emotional strain the lifestyle has put on those around me and myself, and also represents its open ended conclusion.

How would your animatronic monster behave on a track such as this?

He’d light a cigarette, and slowly raise one finger to the air.

After so many EPs and singles, why an album? And why now?

I've wanted to release this album for a long time. Balancing a life of touring with writing has been a dream, but also hard work, I've finally been able to stop travelling and give a release the detail I've always wanted to invest in one. I'd see it as a way of properly documenting what's happened so far, now it's time to start a new paragraph.