Blende, 'Rikki': Exclusive First Listen


“It's about a robot named Rikki,” says London-based Swedish producer Blende (aka Johan Blende) of his new track, “Rikki.” Co-written with Sam Harris of indie band X Ambassadors and releasing in the U.S. through disco-drenched boutique label Win Music, the tune owes its sound to equal parts Donna Summer, Lisa Lisa, and Justice. Have a listen here:

“I've always loved funk and boogie and also pop from the ‘70s and ‘80s,” says Blende of his influences. “That got combined with a lot of Indie and Techno in the ‘90s and everything was all mixed up in the ‘00s. At the time when I moved from Sweden [to London] around ten years ago, I was into French house and deep house. I guess my sound today is a result of all that.”

It’s not surprising then that “Rikki” is an all-decades tribute of sorts to disco prime and all its revivals, especially as his remix work for the likes of Lana del Rey and Two Door Cinema Club have reflected his disco leanings.  "Rikki" comes out on September 30.