Zedd Describes Working With Lady Gaga on 'ARTPOP': Watch

Grady Brannan/Filterlessco
Zedd performs onstage during Outside Lands 2013.

"It's like a positive fight," says the EDM whiz backstage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

Along with scoring hits like "Clarity" and the recently released single "Stay The Night" under his own name, electronic maestro Zedd has been tapped to handle a fair amount of production work on Lady Gaga's highly anticipated new album, "ARTPOP." Before Zedd's performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Saturday night (Sept. 20), the producer caught up with Billboard backstage about the push-pull experience of collaborating with the pop superstar.

"It was very interesting to have someone say, 'I think we should change this and that,' because I usually don't get that," says the EDM star. "So it's like a positive fight -- you try to make the best for a song, and … you learn to compromise and find new ways, and I think that ultimately the songs get to a point that I would never be able to get to myself."


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On Tuesday (Sept. 24), Zedd will release "Clarity - Deluxe Edition," a new version of last year's "Clarity" album that features "Stay The Night." According to Zedd, the collaboration with Paramore singer Hayley Williams stood out so much that he didn't want to wait until his next album was finished to release the track as a single.

"I love Hayley and I love Paramore," says Zedd, "and when I had the chance to work with her, that was the right decision."

Watch the video above for more with Zedd, including his commentary on the state of EDM and his Moment of Clarity tour, and watch more iHeartRadio Fest interviews below:


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