CODE Picks of the Week: Drake, St. Lucia, The Aston Shuffle and More

Jess Baumung

Each Friday the CODE crew comes to you with their favorite dance tracks of the week. Listen to the cuts below, and see what this week’s CODERs have to say.

Drake: “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Kastle Remix)

It’s been about a month since Drake dropped “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” his crooning, '80s synth ode to a lady he's infatuated with, and it’s finally got the danceable update that I didn't even know I craved. LA bass music producer Kastle’s breathed new life into the track on this textured and soulful remix. Given how good a song he had to start with, he’s done it justice. He pieces together elements as punchy as an undulating bassline, as smooth as warm washes of synth chords, and as bizarre as a keyboard solo about two-thirds of the way in. More importantly, he gets away with it. There’s always a risk involved in remixing a track everyone is just about getting sick of hearing, but Kastle’s transformed “Hold On, We’re Going Home” into one that feels like it’ll spread love on dancefloors around the country. And isn’t that the way Drizzy would’ve wanted it? I’d like to think so.
-Tshepo Mokoena @NeuThings

St. Lucia: “Too Close” [Sony]

Say goodbye to formalities like song structure or confinements like genre. “Too Close,” from St. Lucia’s (aka Jean-Philip Grobler) forthcoming full-length debut, “When The Night,” abandons some of the expectations his first EP and previous single “Elevate” set forth, challenging notions of verse and chorus while delivering pounding bass drum under crazy synth scales. Relying more on the natural emotion of his voice than ever before, Grobler concocts an epic journey across nearly seven minutes. Atmospheric and lush, soaring and emotional, this is essential listening, if only to hear how vast today’s electronic soundscape is.
-Zel McCarthy @ZelMcCarthy

The Aston Shuffle: "Can't Stop Now" (Matisse & Sadko remix) [Spinnin Records]

Australian duo The Aston Shuffle have another hit on their hands. Much like last year's Tommy Trash remix of The Aston Shuffle's hit "Sunrise (Won't Get Lost)," the Matisse & Sadko remix of "Can't Stop Now" is an all-around feel good track with positive vocals, uplifting melody and high energy feel. The track would sound perfect at the peak of a DJ set, with a euphoric burst of confetti and CO2 accompanying the lyrics, "We have been waiting all our lives to make our hearts collide." Russian brothers Matisse & Sadko have had a string of progressive house hits, beginning with their remix of M-3ox “Beating of My Heart,” followed by their original track "Stars" and most recently their collaboration with Steve Angello "SLVR." The Aston Shuffle's melodic original track pairs perfectly with the emotional, dramatic Matisse & Sadko touch. 
-Eric Coomes @ericcoomes

Kim Fai - Snake (Sultan & Ned Sheperd Remix) (HAREM RECORDS)

After Kim Fai split from AN21 and Max Vangeli, his name became less recognizable. But his production quality went the opposite direction. He’s just released his latest track “Snake” on Harem Records, and it’s a dark, soulful production with just enough oomph. However, it’s Sultan and Ned Sheperd that bring the original to another level, bumping up the electro elements and making it even more fitting for a sweaty nightclub. It’s not the typical mainstage EDM banger that’s going to instantly shoot up the Beatport charts, but it is a quality production that would be a worthy addition to your late night playlist.
-Jacob Schulman @jacobschulman