Afrojack Plans to Perform in Outer Space

Afrojack Performs at Ultra Musci Festival - Weekend 1 at Bayfront Park Amphitheater on March 15, 2013 in Miami, Florida.

The DJ superstar wants to train for space travel, where he hopes to perform a DJ set.

Like Lance Bass before him, Dutch DJ Afrojack wants to join the ranks of non-astronaut musical acts that voyage into the final frontier. In a press release this morning, the “Take Over Control” producer, born Nick van de Wall has declared his intent to train for a galactic voyage, one that could potentially include a lucky set of fans. Part of van de Wall’s dream to “do something that’s never been done before” –a space shuttle performance is still in its nascent planning stages. It may include a fan contest or even a television show. Citing the obvious complications of such an expedition, there is presently no date set for the performance or the beginning of his training.

It wasn’t too long ago that Lance Bass, one fifth of boy band ‘N Sync expressed his desire to voyage to outer space simply as a tourist. But after a week of intensive training at Houston’s Johnson Space Center in 2002, Bass was unable to raise the $20 million then required to finance his mission. Since then, space tourism has become somewhat more accessible with plans for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic set to launch in the coming years. There have also been five other space tourists since Bass’s failed attempt, though the last one was nearly two years ago.

Given the requirements for training and the uncertainty of how a live performance could be executed in an orbiting space shuttle, let alone for an in-person audience, this may just be a publicity stunt, but if he is able to pull it off, it would certainly step up the game for DJ stunts.


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