Avicii, ‘True’: Fall Music Preview 2013

Alex Wessely

Release Date: Sept. 17
Label: PRMD/Island Def Jam

That comely Swedish mug doesn’t imply it, but Avicii’s got the soul of a disruptor. When he trotted out a bluegrass band on Ultra Music Festival’s main stage in March, the crowd cleared and the entire Internet seemed to point and laugh. “I knew it was going to be controversial,” says the DJ/producer, born Tim Bergling. “But obviously the audience has really come around.” One of the songs performed that night was "True’s" first single, “Wake Me Up!,” which has since hit No. 1 in 40-plus countries, and is just starting its U.S. climb. (It’s No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100.) The album is loaded with similarly bold combinations that seem bound to catch on with audiences both foreign and domestic.

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