The M Machine, 'Ghosts In The Machine' (Kill the Noise remix): Exclusive First Listen

Brent Michael Azner; Justin Nizer
Kill The Noise, The M Machine

It’s been a mere six months since The M Machine released their “Metropolis Pt. II” EP on Skrillex’s OWSLA label. That EP, along with its preceding first, gets reworked by a variety of artists on the aptly named “Metropolis Remixed.” Los Angeles-based Kill The Noise (aka Jake Stanczak) takes on the New Wave-inspired “Ghosts In The Machine” featuring vocalist Pennybirdrabbit (which premiered here in February).

“I’m a huge fan of M Machine and Penny,” says Stanczak, gushing. “I truly love the whole ‘Metropolis Pt. II’ record and was ranting about it before it even came out! When they asked me to do the remix I looked at it as a great opportunity to work with musicians that I love. That’s how remixes should go, in my opinion.”

While the original “Ghosts” was guided by the vocal line into a sort of ‘80s time warp, Kill the Noise adds a healthy dose of bass as a reminder that this is, after all, an OWSLA release. The BPM is pushed a little higher and the distortion levels are turned up, but there’s still a delicate piano feature in the final half-minute, almost as a ghostly legacy of the emotional tension from the original.

“Metropolis Remixed” also features work from Digitalism, Shinichi Osawa, and Robotaki. It drops August 27 on OWSLA.