CODE Picks of the Week: Dog Blood, Felix Cartal, Ellie Goulding and More

Lance Skundrich/FilterlessCo
Dog Blood performs at HARD Summer 2013 in Los Angeles, CA

Each Friday the CODE crew comes to you with their favorite dance tracks of the week. Listen to the cuts below, and see what this week’s CODERs have to say.

A$AP Rocky: Wild for the Night (Dog Blood Remix) [OWSLA]

Dog Blood (aka Skrillex and Boys Noize) caused a stir this week by going all Abbie Hoffman and reportedly leaking its just-finished EP ahead of its release date. Apparently, there's more music where that came from. The album version of this riding-dirty cut was based on Skrillex's squelchy remix of OWSLA artist Birdy Nam Nam's "Goin' In" (got that?). It's a far more organic combo than when Pitbull and try the same trick. The guys have been playing this de-dubstepped version at recent gigs. It's available on OWSLA's Drip subscription service as of yesterday, which gets you all sorts of unreleased goodies for about $12 a month. -Kerri Mason, @KerriLMason

Felix Cartal: “New Scene” (featuring Ofelia) [Dim Mak]

“New Scene” is one of the best dance recordings of the year and one of the finest in Felix Cartal’s catalogue. On this mid-tempo electro-pop track, the Vancouver producer does for Los Angeles-based vocalist Ofelia what Morgan Page has done for Lissie and what Zedd should have done for Foxes. There is no shoe-in-a-dryer bombast here, there are no calculated attempts at cloying anthemic choruses. Instead, Cartal and Ofelia play off each other’s strengths with affectionate kidgloves across pianos, snaps, handclaps, and bells that connote more intimacy in a single downbeat than Calvin and Ellie did in that entire sextape/music video. This is a scene you’ll want to pause, rewind, and play again and again. When sparks fly like they do here, all I want is more. -Zel McCarthy @ZelMcCarthy

Ellie Goulding: "Burn" (Mat Zo Remix) [Cherrytree/Interscope]

Ellie Goulding's latest single "Burn" -- one of seven new tracks from her upcoming reissue, “Halcyon Days” -- has already received the remix treatment from Tiësto, At Dawn We Rage and Maths Time Joy. This week Goulding posted the best version yet, courtesy of 23-year-old British producer Mat Zo. Known for his ability to weave from trance to hard-hitting electro, Zo transforms Goulding's track into a progressive house masterpiece. The track builds layers and chords around Goulding's chopped up vocal, going from a darker underground sound to a euphoric anthem. With Goulding's breathtaking vocals and a hit list of collaborators on “Halcyon Days,” we should expect several more big remixes this fall. -Eric Coomes, @EricCoomes

Cyril Hahn featuring Shy Girls: “Perfect Form” (No Artificial Colours Remix) [PMR Records]

London duo No Artificial Colours just flipped the script on Cyril Hahn, the Swiss-Canadian producer behind that Destiny’s Child remix. They’ve taken his debut single “Perfect Form” and turned it into a smoldering, deep house version of itself. Hahn shared the original in June. Here, No Artificial Colours go in on Portland R&B act Shy Girls’ vocal, cutting and pasting it with plenty of reverb over their crisp production. It’s got that 2 a.m., blissed-out feel, and I can only hope both Hahn and No Artificial Colours will be dropping it during their late-summer festival sets. -Tshepo Mokoena @NeuThings